Friday, March 14, 2014

The Blind Poet

Brian @dVerse invited us to write highlighting sound. Brian encouraged us close our eyes and imagine you are blind. Yes, see with sound-it was extremely difficult.   I wrote several poems, but they didn't work, until I wrote about my morning.   Thanks Brian-it was fun to attempt visuals with sound~

My day is poured
it jingles n' rattles me
I stir it clanging my memory-
it tickles
 citrus and smoke linger
perfuming the air
 a wet nose nudges me
whining, whimpering
whistling steam blows
daughter clicks it off
she laughs mumbling convo
with boyfriend
stomps away- her bare bones
 pound floor
portal opens as wind howls
everything shakes as
day drips and puddles.

Spinning thoughts enter 
dryer buzzes
whining outside now
cold air stings and stabs my
measured steps click and clack around me
gasping air, pounding heart, insides churn 
as bile rises-burns face
mind swimming
I'm locked out
pounded with wetness
singed with oh no, what if
trampled n' chilled
I pound,  rattle, 
 twist n' turn
bare bones arrive
muffled voices come, too.
"Mom, what the heck?"
sharp pain rings as
 coldness drips
my thoughts paddle forward
warm lavender softness wraps
around me
hound howls
as I row onward into my day.