Friday, January 31, 2014

Form For All

Samuel Peralta, over at dVerse inspired us to write a prose type poem. 

"A prose poem is a piece that appears to be prose – with no line breaks or verses – but which reads as if it were poetry. Prose poetry pieces maintain poetic qualities and utilize poetic techniques – such as symbolism, imagery, alliteration, rhyme.
A prose poem may be anywhere from a few lines, to the length of – I now believe – a book."

Sam is leaving dVerse and must know his presences will be missed!   Thank you Sam for all the wonder you have shared~ 

    I left my white flowing gown by the sea-so I thought. I woke discovering it draped on my lawn-white and glistening like jewels.  It had followed me.  Pristine, fragile white wings clustered in the morning's chill huddled upon earth's brown velvet shoulders.  I tried offering Bergamot tea and a bouquet of Tiger lilies, but no luck.  They are sleeping like beauties, but for how long?!  The whir of their cousins offers one hope, but will their tweets wake them?  The sky is heavy like dove gray ink. I fear the clouds are still miffed at me for being careless with their fabric. I hope they will forgive me-I  meant no disrespect. I am craving Venetian's embrace-her gold fingers must wake these wings soon or the ground hog will be confused and we all know what that means-April will start to gamble with our muse, again.   


Saturday, January 11, 2014


Over in the Garden, Margaret challenged us with Orbs. Deborah Glessner is the artist- her photographic orbs are filled with wonder! You can see more of Deborah's work at her website, "Lark Photography". Thank you Margaret for sharing her visions with us! I am intrigued~
Charcoal gray flutters of night disappear golden flower opens wild wings peer ring of feathers swirl chasing day's kite strings in search of burgeoning blue Golden goose goodnight kiss before sister swan opens star umbrella covers Lunar's crown
Heaven's wedding ring circles Earth's trees spatial stories speak volumes of hidden affairs ripples in their union passionate PDA seen in fire n' ice Pine, Big Red and Oak surrender to Mother Nature's epic moods Bough brothers bend in Warrior pose towards her hair saluting her spirit Namaste