Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hope is a Ferris Wheel

Today I am doing a poetry prompt over in the Imaginary Garden inspired by a book-Hope is a Ferris Wheel.   The challenge is to take a well known poet to the fair/carnival.  

Deep fried perfume
as faded tattoos and toothless grins
speak of cheap thrills
Step right up to ride a rusty bolted yellow wheel
Emily named it- the sun's eye

Maybe she is the Queen of Cups
 "THE BRAIN is wider than the sky"
she tells me. 

We climb to hope's feathers
in a red cart, tumbling to and fro
like a basket of gingerbread.

A blurred blue sky is ours
on top of the world- we kiss  Cotton
candy clouds and  watch tiny tea cups
twirl n' spin like jewelry box
ballerinas.  And laugh
"Tea for Tutu"

I had company and wanted to write my poem sooner.  I hope to pen one about Poe. My poem is about    Emily Dickinson on the Ferris Wheel. 


Friday, February 6, 2015

Poetic Eye in the Garden

Over in the Imaginary Garden -I wasn't happy with my first poetic attempt, so try, try again.   I decided to write about my nightly walks.  Inspiration can dazzle me, like the stars.  And I am racing home as words spill from my mind and circle me like sheep, before the fence of dreamland arrives.


Tug of Words

Moon smiles
under stars' umbrella
Lifeguard perched in 
blackberry sea
 scent of salty brine 
n' pine pitch
perfume night's whispers. 

I trample along my
when brain splits
 dandelion wishes
falling arcs of 
in sonorous tones
n' drift
drumming my mind.

Moonlight's color
 now Ivory tusk
taunts my
  geography's mood
shadowed mountains outline sea
like Lemon Meringue 
I see sweetness
some bitter notes
under her
flashlight mood.

Waves of white 
cloud blush
wash ashore
as ocean's salt n' moon
play tug of war
within my veins.

I travel onward
dandelion's wishes
and daffodilly dreams
twilight's smirk
my third 
eye wakes. 

©Ella Wilson