Monday, September 30, 2013


Susie prompted us to write a poem on the book Secret Life of Bees.  Susie:  "Today we are talking about bees or I should say, The Secret Life of Bees,  by Sue Monk Kidd. It is a coming of age story of a young girl, Lily, who faces loss, abuse and racism in 1960's southern United States."

Invisible seeds plant                  
                                            chains of doubt
                                            imprison one's thoughts 
                                             of equanimity
                                            suppressed wisdom lurks...
                                            drones and workers in the land
                                            of fear and honey,
                                                              Sticky thoughts gathered                                             back to the hive,
                                                     stagnation stunts growth                                                      
                                                             Weed Earth's garden                
                                           grow humanity
                                            Educate your colony
                                             Bee different      
                               winds of change ring sweet      
 Let the buzz be Freedom~
 I wrote this poem years ago, about Martin Luther King's dream.  I tried to write a different poem, but found it fit the prompt better than anything else I wrote.   So, I am guilty of tweaking my poem.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Caught the Moon


Lone Wolf

I caught the moon bleeding light
into my room
winking at me
woven dreams dangling
in a land lost amongst a
sea of black Swarovski crystals

Mom told me
timelessly he flirts with many
netting their dreams
Marilyn Monroe almost caught him
 his Jekyll n' Hyde
were too much for her

Setting off my wilderness
once a month I am 
his serenade scented by Moon flowers
Beeswax candles drip 
happy thoughts blur into day
but we will never
walk the red carpet ============
he is a lone wolf 
a golden jackal roaming the night
his love call  heard by all

I released him back into the wild
He is perched on his nightly throne
looming at me
holding a grudge
I prefer the strong, silent time 
he watches me his silvery orb
but he belongs to no one and to all. 

© Ellen Wilson

 Thank you Marian, for this prompt!



Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gods and Goddesses in the Garden

Kerry prompted us to write a poem about Gods.   We had a choice to pick from a wonderful list-Kerry offered us.    I decide on Nyx-the goddess of the night.  I guess there is a hint of underworld in her backdrop, but I chose to portray her humble beginnings of veiled illusion.

Kerry reminds us, "What has become of the old gods?"

*artist unknown*

  I picked Nyx-
"Nyx represents nightmares, mystery, dreams, darkness and night. It is recommended to call upon Nyx after sunset.  She can be invoked her for psychic dreams and astral travel and for rituals at midnight or when it is a moonless night."

 Some may recognize her name, from Nyx Cosmetics. They named their company after this powerful goddess. Nox is a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics Universe-this character is based loosely on Nyx of Greek Mythology.

Nxy was born in a bayberry blue romance
swirls of heat waxed n' waned by 
the Beeswax moon
surrendering pools of liquid 
 silvery puddles into
ocean's black blue soup

Nyx's nimble fingers
 paints the midnight lights
across the brow of Heaven and heels of Hades
extracting goosebumps and chills
owls n' wolves know her dance
she twirls her sheer indigo veil leaving
a trail of wax floating bubbles
like glistening polka dots
blurring into day's aura
soon tapered flame
snuffs out blue notes
until the evening theater reopens
Lunar is charmed once again
when Nyx performs her enticing dance 
swirling in a sea of bewitching blue candles

© Ellen Wilson

I am better and hope to catch up with all of your poems this evening!  No more zombie pills for me~