Monday, January 28, 2013

Susan gave us a Second Chance

Susan over in the Garden gave us a second chance with our poem.  She wanted us to play with the last line of a poem we had written and recreate a new poem.   I am rethinking my endings now, lol.   Thank you,  Susan for this fun idea...

Here’s the challenge: Look at five to ten of the latest poems you wrote and find last lines that are rich with possibility for a new beginning. If none of your last lines leap out at you, simply pick one you like and use it for today’s prompt. It will be the first line (or two) of your brand new poem—long or short—that you write this weekend. 

Life's weathered memories
wrapped in bridges of time...
arrive in newsprint n' sepia thoughts
woken by faded blooms 
pressed in brittle yellowed pages
hints of pale pink hues scent
past whispers 
Faded n' chipped pearls remember...
the dance of  tender
 green shoots filled
 with spindly hope
cascading towards
the indigo destiny
Humble beginnings planted
fragile and young
tucked in a delicate quilt of'
lavender dreams
washed with
outlining the soul's
connected dots...
© Ellen Wilson


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mama Zen's Challenge

Mama Zen asked us to write about the difficult. A poem of 75 words or less that expresses the hard, something that we wrestle with...   Mama Zen I did squirm, I did!

 unique text
surrounds my sewing machine
vintage lace piled 
ideas dance in doubt
clouded gray
I want to create
tired of your
white gloves, your brass buttons and starched mood
leave me
in my piles of ideas, in my recycled treasures
I have so many, yet
I can't create
when you are here
you sucked my soul through a straw
you won't read my words
you don't see me

My muse won't come out when my hubby is home. She hides and tucks her ideas and thoughts in notebooks!   She waits, to be alone to create...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Fireblossom asked us to write a poem about doubletalk. I went with the first dust mote that floated into my mind's eye.

I am an artist
glitter and dust on my dishes
blue paint fragments my hair
 tools layered with peeling glue fingerprints
passion's pink holds hopes hand
purple prose aligns
orange cheer cascades over my blue thoughts
torn lace n' thread on my floor
the yellow in me fades to query again
blue doubt pools
its salty kiss touches my lips
I am an artist

Thursday, January 10, 2013



Diamonds Backgrounds, Tumblr Themes, Premade Tumblr Themes

Kim over at Poets United asked us to write a poem on Reflection!  Here is mine...
I thought I would play with images on the site Polyvore.  It is addictive ;D

Memories pool
languid dreams
coated with smoke
lost in a sea
of diffused ink
as I begin again
to connect the
cheery dots
of me