Monday, March 4, 2013

Susie's Prompt

I have had internet issues again. See, I live in the sticks, near farm land and a swamp.  I feel fortunate when the internet works, but when it does not-I turn into a ugly, warty toad.

No, I think our ISP is making service repairs...I wish for upgrades.  Susie asked us to write a poem about the abuse of Women. Yes, today WE SCREAM!   March has been set aside by Woman Scream International Poetry Festival,  to raise awareness through poetry about violence against women.

Their mission is to honor women and create a conscious calling against women’s violence.  I found this a difficult write.  I can  say, I have not been  physically abused, but emotional-I do have some tangled memories.  It isn't my family, but another one that I have seen and felt the disconnect.  Toxic people take many forms~

Close knit family
clotted with DNA's gelatinous webs
tangled hope spindles

Black mold breathes
darkness breeds dismal swamp
toxins take hold

green spikes suffocate
blue gray mist inward crawls
must rotate crops

a difficult journey
heart shaped swords slash tongues
one trembles forever

glory is flooded
 behemoth river opens caution's door
waiting saturated barbs

Fenced chain metal
one crawls around armored dreams
spins glossy silk

Climbing on edge
naked and wet, you re-emerge
escape pinched pot

Folded prayers cast
answered in pressed floral memories
Freedom's price endures

© Ellen Wilson