Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hope is a Ferris Wheel

Today I am doing a poetry prompt over in the Imaginary Garden inspired by a book-Hope is a Ferris Wheel.   The challenge is to take a well known poet to the fair/carnival.  

Deep fried perfume
as faded tattoos and toothless grins
speak of cheap thrills
Step right up to ride a rusty bolted yellow wheel
Emily named it- the sun's eye

Maybe she is the Queen of Cups
 "THE BRAIN is wider than the sky"
she tells me. 

We climb to hope's feathers
in a red cart, tumbling to and fro
like a basket of gingerbread.

A blurred blue sky is ours
on top of the world- we kiss  Cotton
candy clouds and  watch tiny tea cups
twirl n' spin like jewelry box
ballerinas.  And laugh
"Tea for Tutu"

I had company and wanted to write my poem sooner.  I hope to pen one about Poe. My poem is about    Emily Dickinson on the Ferris Wheel.