Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sunday's Mini Challenge

Kerry challenged us to write a poem in Koan form.  It is a type of  Chinese poetry.  I  will have to play with this method again, when I have more time.  I found it fascinating and beautiful~

Brave toad poses for his summer portrait
A warm rain caresses my garden with liquid jewels
Soon winter's stillness will quiet my world
Like toad, I will need to take a leap of faith~

Butterflyby *Batbreath

Butterfly flirts among the graceful blooms
Luminous fragile beauties swirl n' twirl
Prom Queen arrives in a dazzling gold number with black accents
One never forgets their first formal dance~

*I love how the butterfly looks like he has a tux on.
*The beauties were the flower petals in the breeze.
 * I was thinking bee for Prom Queen, what did you see?



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Imaginary Garden

Kerry at RT prompted us with a very, old school challenge.  We are to use a quote by Shakespeare
 to inspire a poem.  Kerry shares quotes and authors. who have been influenced by Shakespeare's work.  It is amazing today, we still study his writing, his plays and use his language in our own.  More offerings Kerry shared with us. 

Wizard of Id (google images)
All of the following common phrases are Shakespearean in origin:

~ a foregone conclusion                              ~ all corners of the world
~ eaten out of house and home                 ~ it was Greek to me
~ fight fire with fire                                    ~ night owl

I chose this quote to inspire my poem:

"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by 
fearing to attempt." ~ William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

Rejection=dimmed lighting
confidence stolen
thief like
between takes
 shadows enter the valley
doubt dances around us like thick fog
it taunts us and calls us names
psychological pressure remains
like a cold front

We need some illusion, parted crimson lips
and a black silk gown
maybe we need the angelic, 
sweet wide eyed gal
green thoughts abound in her
innocent world
maybe we need a sailor's view
cussing and boozing to
to ride out the storm

Your spirit is at war...who will win?
Perhaps the script is easy
soothing tea and a warm shoulder
a box of tissues and a tear jerker
will nurse the good to try, try again

Monday, June 18, 2012

Loud and Gentle

My other blog Ella's Edge will stay as it is. A place where I will  post creative thoughts, ideas, art and surprises.  I wanted a home for my words.  Lately, my posts have been too long winded, but here I can justify it. 

 My Mom really does collect elephants and I really did  and do collect words and quotes in  journals. It started, when I was a teen. I still collect words, when I am going to write poetry.  I thought this would be an interesting name. 

I always asked Mom, why elephants?  My Dad gave her one when she was eighteen.  She has never bought one for herself.  People give them to her, once they discover she collects them. 

My parents met at a movie theater. She worked the concession stand and he was the movie projectionist. She use to sit on an elephant outside of  Perry's Nut House with her sister-in-law, when they had a  night off, from the theater. (There are two elephants. Mama is on the top of the building and the baby is inside).  My Dad n' Mom would go eat at some diner. Dad would try to race someone and attempt to out run the cops. They would go visit his sister, who lived near Perry's Nut House. He told me he really did out run the cops. There was a secret back road to the Drive Inn Theater.

 The Drive Inn Theater, where my Dad use to work! 

 Where my Mom worked. When I was sixteen, I was I worked the ticket booth and also worked the concession. 

 The comedy n' drama masks are my parents. They use to be in the ticket booth. Check out that old speaker, for the Drive Inn....whoa~

 I remember the day, she told me, about the elephant being moved to the theater.  She seemed sad, my Dad had died a few years before.   I told her, what a perfect place for this elephant to be. You met Dad at the theater, he gave you your first elephant, and now the elephant is where it belongs. She seemed pleased with my view.  Mom is also extremely scared of mice, just like an elephant.  She actually has stood in a chair, just like in the cartoons and screamed her head off.

When I think of elephants, I think of how loud and gentle they are. I guess, this could describe me, lol.  My family tells me, when I get excited I get loud, I do!  I do try to be gentle, no I'm not a giant. I'm actually only 5'1, but I did marry one, ;D  (He is almost 6'4)!

Tell me about your blog's name or why did you start one?!