Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sunday's Mini Challenge

Kerry challenged us to write a poem in Koan form.  It is a type of  Chinese poetry.  I  will have to play with this method again, when I have more time.  I found it fascinating and beautiful~

Brave toad poses for his summer portrait
A warm rain caresses my garden with liquid jewels
Soon winter's stillness will quiet my world
Like toad, I will need to take a leap of faith~

Butterflyby *Batbreath

Butterfly flirts among the graceful blooms
Luminous fragile beauties swirl n' twirl
Prom Queen arrives in a dazzling gold number with black accents
One never forgets their first formal dance~

*I love how the butterfly looks like he has a tux on.
*The beauties were the flower petals in the breeze.
 * I was thinking bee for Prom Queen, what did you see?




  1. The pictures you chose are amazing.

  2. I've never seen a diaphanous butterfly, beautiful. Your poetry is an exquisite match for the photos, with the third line working the contrast very well.

  3. Wonderful visuals in images and words! Love the last line's punch in the second poem!

  4. The photos are wonderful (what a fascinating butterfly!) I liked both poems. You accomplished this challenge well.

  5. I LOVE both photos and koans......good for you! It is Grad here too, all the girls in their beautiful gowns, so this fit my mood........(been a looooong time since I was in a "gown" (other than hospital gowns, not nearly as snazzy:))

  6. love the combo of the pictures and the poems.especially enjoyed the toad's leap of faith.
    and thank you for your comments :)

  7. Your images you portray are amazing, Ella!! You worked a bit of magic and your genuine voice shines through these pieces!! Lovely all around!!

  8. I love the images... through the pictures and the words that you've painted in your poem(s). 'Liquid jewels' caught my attention. So simple, so beautiful! :)

  9. Lovely photographs, lovely poems! I especially liked the Prom Queen --- very creative!

  10. ah, the prom queen. transparent!

  11. For me the first stanza on the butterfly outdoes the rest. It is a little jewel. I shall have to look into this form. These stanzas of yours are pointing me towards doing so.

  12. Ella, its always a blessing to stop by, love your words! I have been Missing in action for a while, but great to be back and so much inspiration is coming from your corner!x

  13. Thank you Laurie ;D
    I loved your poems! Congrats :D

    Amanda-I look forward to hear about what is inspiring you these day ;D
    Thank you!

    Dave-Thank you so much! Please let me know if you do...I would love to read your offerings :D Do it~

    Marian-lol, yes...I knew a few of those, ;D

    Mary Ann-Thank you! I kept seeing my Morning Glories dance in the breeze and thought yes, I could go there :D

    Karishma-Thank you for visiting me, :D Yes, liquid jewels do paint a vibrant view. I will visit you, soon~

    Hannah-Thank you! :D I'll be emailing you soon! Everyone is home today, but the evening is mine ;D lol

    Abin-Yes, we can learn a lot for Toads, lol ;D Thank you~

    Sherry-Your humor is outstanding, lol Last gown, Navy ball...a black number with ecru lace and pearls...classic style. I want a Morning Glory Thank you~

    Mary-Thank you! It was a fun form... :D

    Gemma-Thank you :D Yes, I thought it would make one's memories

    Kerry-Thank you! I so enjoyed this form! Thank you for exposing it to us~ I am charmed by it and will try it again!

    Fireblossom- :D Thanks!