Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Imaginary Garden

Kerry at RT prompted us with a very, old school challenge.  We are to use a quote by Shakespeare
 to inspire a poem.  Kerry shares quotes and authors. who have been influenced by Shakespeare's work.  It is amazing today, we still study his writing, his plays and use his language in our own.  More offerings Kerry shared with us. 

Wizard of Id (google images)
All of the following common phrases are Shakespearean in origin:

~ a foregone conclusion                              ~ all corners of the world
~ eaten out of house and home                 ~ it was Greek to me
~ fight fire with fire                                    ~ night owl

I chose this quote to inspire my poem:

"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by 
fearing to attempt." ~ William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

Rejection=dimmed lighting
confidence stolen
thief like
between takes
 shadows enter the valley
doubt dances around us like thick fog
it taunts us and calls us names
psychological pressure remains
like a cold front

We need some illusion, parted crimson lips
and a black silk gown
maybe we need the angelic, 
sweet wide eyed gal
green thoughts abound in her
innocent world
maybe we need a sailor's view
cussing and boozing to
to ride out the storm

Your spirit is at war...who will win?
Perhaps the script is easy
soothing tea and a warm shoulder
a box of tissues and a tear jerker
will nurse the good to try, try again


  1. "maybe we need the angelic,
    sweet wide eyed gal
    green thoughts abound in her
    innocent world"

    Love this and all of the different fuses to light the muse!! Nicely written, Ella!!

  2. I love this line: 'doubt dances around us like thick fog'
    If doubt were a person, I'm sure he'd behave exactly like that!!
    Nicely done.

  3. Thank you Hannah! I'm trying to catch up... I am almost there, lol
    Then back to our challenge...sleep first! ;D

    Karishma-Thank you...yes, doubt can be pretty thick, lol Or maybe it makes us thick? I'm tired, I'll leave that one alone, lol Thank you for visiting me!

  4. I can see that much thought has gone into this poem, Ella. You have considered the quoted words very deeply.

    This line struck me as very pertinent: We need some illusion...
    I think this is very true of so many people.

  5. So much to think about here, Ella. An experience of rejection certainly does set a person back; and your poem explores different ways of dealing with it. I loved the illusion, parted lips, and black gown. (sounds magical)but sometimes the sailor's view is useful as well! Smiles.

  6. Sometimes we all crave someone's arms to hold us, just so that we can relax our own and let the weight go for a while. This is what this reminds me of. Rejection can be very difficult to swallow.
    Lovely write Ella.

  7. I love this poem - especially the sweet wide-eyed gal, and the soothing tea and warm shoulder......but most of all, we need to believe that we have something of value to offer. It is our gift to the world, and we must give it. I love all the gifts you give us, Ella.

  8. ah, doubt might well be our biggest enemy - love the final stanza especially (a little tlc can go a long way)

  9. Beautifully inspired - methinks the bard himself would be impressed.

  10. I also love this, Ella, from beginning (doubt dances around us like thick fog, it taunts us and calls us names) to end (to try, try again).
    Well done.

  11. Your spirit is at war--who will win? That really hits home-a constant battle, and yet your poem is more gentle and positive than that--a very delicate and thoughtful piece that explores the quote on many levels.

  12. I love Shakespeare, although I admit I haven't STUDIED him enough. I do find his work fascinating when I DO study it though!
    Great quote choice and I LOVE your poem! Amazing job. :)

  13. Ella first thank you so much for your generous compliment at Cracker Jack Poet. Second I really enjoyed this poem. The stanza about the sailor actually made me laugh out loud. Also love "psychological pressure remains as a cold front" well done!

  14. SaraV-Thank you! Yeah, I figured I need some sailor's charm in there, lol. :D

    Leigh-Thank you so much~ I know it is an amazing language and in many ways still part of our own ;D

    Hedgewitch-Thank you! Yes, the game of life, sometimes we win and sometimes we sit on the sideline~

    Kay-Thank you, yes a lot of try, try again ;D

    Nicki-Thank you, awe that is a nice thought! Thanks~

    Ruth-Thank you, yes...TLC is what works for me, most! I don't often get it, but I do give it~ :D

    Sherry-Thank you and yes, we all have gifts! Sometimes it takes awhile to unearth them! Thank you so much :D

    Bren-Thank you~ Yes, we need to fold and let it go and then reopen with inspiration to begin again...

    Mary-Yes, the escape and coping mechanisms... so many ways to do just that. I only shared a few...Thank you!

    Kerry-Thank you, yes illusion helps paint our view. I think it also gets us to try again, sometimes!

  15. doubt dances Oh, does it ever.

  16. Thank you Margaret...we all know too well that performance!