Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Word Count with Mama Zen

Mama Zen at RT challenged us  to write about our world in 35 words or less.  Sometimes poets go long, so this is a challenge...

Sideways view of fractured light
lies in nature's twisted dance
reveal the beauty in the dust, the dirt 
and broken dreams
fresh hope
like spring rain
washes the memories
begin again 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Celebratory Post

I started this post yesterday, but having internet issues. I blame it on the heat wave.

Real Toads celebrated their birthday was also Nelson Mandela Day, in honor of his birthday.  He turned 94, what a remarkable spirit he has.  Kerry asked us to write a poem in his regard. He asked everyone(a world-wide appeal) to donate 67 minutes, of their time to serving others.  He has been in politics for 67 years,   

I thought about this and planned to do something else, but this is what happened.  My daughter wanted to show me, her latest Colorguard move.  She has been in camp all this week.  It is a day camp I drive her in the morning and pick her up. Okay, I let her drive ;D   We went outside on the front lawn.  My eighty year old neighbor, Mary was outside and she wandered over.  My daughter n' I were  hot n' tired, but we stayed outside and listened to her share her daughter's experience. She also was in the Colorguard, she rambled from this subject, to her family and then her health.  Some of it was nice to listen to, some a bit uncomfortable, but we could tell she was lonely. I asked her to come in, but she insisted she had a friend stopping by.   It reminded me to be more neighborly and donate more time to listening, to those who live alone.  We could be in their position someday...


Twirling thoughts
encompass my day
solitude is rare
I want to
our lives 
a circular routine
we dance in the axis of now, 
learn from
each other
sharing our stories
facets of our life
everyone can inspire
a poem
the recluse, the social butterfly
and yes, you
we are cursed and blessed
by time

unpredictable and
go outside the circle
be open to the
whispers of
new journeys
and discover
the landscapes
of another life's 


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Monk's Tale

Kerry at the Imaginary Garden gave us a mini challenge, to write about a Monk's Tale.  I chose the freestyle method.  I do hope to try the Huitain  poem form,  another time.  

I sip a
 silent prayer
 steeped in memories
soul's thirst quenched
by a dance of calm nectar
embraced by solitude
 in a sea of downy pearls
I meditate on 1000 day Red Jasmine
 time for prayers of the heart
my spiritual duties
fill my day
just one cup
reflection on

Tea-2by ~OlgaVoronova



Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

In the Imaginary Garden, Mary prompted us to write about Friday the 13th. She gave us several choices. I picked:  (4) Here is a simple prompt if nothing else resonates. Write a poem with the title "Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th 

 Beginner's luck is needed as you decorate your new home.
Hi kitty, kitty...oh, damn you are all black...
you must belong to that witch, next door
I need a ladder to hang that mirror
Oh, look a penny,..
oops, 7 years bad luck
and my soul is now affected...
huh, I thought 7 was a lucky number?
How did a ladder become unlucky...
it represents the Holy Trinity, if against a wall 
How did God get involved with a ladder?
hoodoo, no V started the lucky rabbit's foot..
I doubt the rabbit would agree
Bad luck begins with 3, the rabbit agrees with this one
666 in the Bible in Revelations=the Beast..
Don't worry I know where the Devil lives...I have met he, she, it
They live in Searsport, Maine
Scared, go knock on wood, trees have spirits, wood is filled with them
Hungry?  There is a turkey in the fridge
grab the wish bone and let's make a wish...
What soothsayer said this?
Cross your finger and toes while you're at it!
Friday the 13th....Jesus died on Friday and 13 is unlucky...
says who?
You rubbing your lucky rabbit's foot, knocking on wood, cleaning up glass, while you are
picking up pennies,
Don't forget don't open that umbrella indoors, the bird won't like it! 

* This isn't my normal style, but I sure had a lot of fun writing it :D  
I hope your day was happy and remember any day something bad happens, will burn a memory in your mind's eye. It will permanently crease your brow if it happens on this day!

Monday, July 9, 2012

In the Garden

Gemma over at Imaginary Garden inspired us, with some of her photos. I chose this one, though I was inspired by her other offerings.

Misty Morning, Arthur's Seat
© Gemma Wiseman

Geography changes
when we partake
we arrive in the
mulberry shadows
where passion's mood
tastes like wild blueberries
rosy dusk flirts with
 the opulent moon

lavender, sage, and clover enhances
the aroma of the wind
liquid legs are encouraged
to dance
wearing your rose colored glasses
you ponder whether to 
wake memories
that tickle your muse

wrapped in secret yearnings
you indulge
your heart strings
and cross the bridge of time

Laurie at the Imaginary Garden asked us to write a poem about demarcation, which according to, means:

1. the determining and marking off of the boundaries of something.
2. separation by distinct boundaries: line of demarcation.


Grey mattered memories enchant wishful glances
of youthful thoughts
capturing the dance of light
against the prism of colored tears
Chakra spirals try to balance
the yin and yang
of life's weathered memories
wrapped in bridges of time