Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

In the Imaginary Garden, Mary prompted us to write about Friday the 13th. She gave us several choices. I picked:  (4) Here is a simple prompt if nothing else resonates. Write a poem with the title "Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th 

 Beginner's luck is needed as you decorate your new home.
Hi kitty, kitty...oh, damn you are all black...
you must belong to that witch, next door
I need a ladder to hang that mirror
Oh, look a penny,..
oops, 7 years bad luck
and my soul is now affected...
huh, I thought 7 was a lucky number?
How did a ladder become unlucky...
it represents the Holy Trinity, if against a wall 
How did God get involved with a ladder?
hoodoo, no V started the lucky rabbit's foot..
I doubt the rabbit would agree
Bad luck begins with 3, the rabbit agrees with this one
666 in the Bible in Revelations=the Beast..
Don't worry I know where the Devil lives...I have met he, she, it
They live in Searsport, Maine
Scared, go knock on wood, trees have spirits, wood is filled with them
Hungry?  There is a turkey in the fridge
grab the wish bone and let's make a wish...
What soothsayer said this?
Cross your finger and toes while you're at it!
Friday the 13th....Jesus died on Friday and 13 is unlucky...
says who?
You rubbing your lucky rabbit's foot, knocking on wood, cleaning up glass, while you are
picking up pennies,
Don't forget don't open that umbrella indoors, the bird won't like it! 

* This isn't my normal style, but I sure had a lot of fun writing it :D  
I hope your day was happy and remember any day something bad happens, will burn a memory in your mind's eye. It will permanently crease your brow if it happens on this day!


  1. "How did God get involved with a ladder" ... Hilarious!

    "trees have spirits, wood is filled with them" ... Agreed.

    "There is a turkey in the fridge" ... You really had me laughing with this poem, Ella. Funny stuff.

  2. Ella, this was really fun to read. I loved how you cleverly tied so many superstitions together to weave your poetic tale. You truly had my mind jumping. I smiled at the devil in Searsport, Maine. (Glad you enjoyed writing outside your usual style.)

  3. LOL What a really funky and fun read Ella! Loved it!

  4. Oh, man, you should write stream of consciousness poems more often - so much fun to read!!!!! "How did God get involved with a ladder?" Cackle! "I know where the Devil lives - they live in Searesport, Maine." I so love it!

  5. OMG! I'm going to have a smile on my face ~~ all day!