Saturday, July 14, 2012

Monk's Tale

Kerry at the Imaginary Garden gave us a mini challenge, to write about a Monk's Tale.  I chose the freestyle method.  I do hope to try the Huitain  poem form,  another time.  

I sip a
 silent prayer
 steeped in memories
soul's thirst quenched
by a dance of calm nectar
embraced by solitude
 in a sea of downy pearls
I meditate on 1000 day Red Jasmine
 time for prayers of the heart
my spiritual duties
fill my day
just one cup
reflection on

Tea-2by ~OlgaVoronova




  1. Ella, this made me smile....thinking of "sereniTEA." Now if you could produce and market such a tea, you would be a wealthy person. I enjoyed this, Ella.

  2. Yes, Mary I would need some IngenuiTEA and CreativiTEA, to do just that. lol
    Thank you ;D
    I know I said to my husband I need to open a Tea shoppe!
    SereniTEA would be a great name!

  3. How very beautiful! I love the shape that your words took when centred - and the whole poem speaks of spiritual centredness. Lovely.

  4. Love the serenity in your tea cup ~ The play of words looks so fun too ~

  5. Aaaaaaah, that is me sighing deeply. Tea is good!!!

  6. One of my faves of the idea of sipping a prayer steeped in memories.......I LOVE the picture of the teacup with tree branches inside it. Wow. A tea shoppe would be so much fun! You could also sell your tea clotheslines and prayer flags and stuff. Tell him you'll set up shop in his garage. Muwahahaha.

  7. I need some of that.

  8. I sip a
    silent prayer
    steeped in memories

    Love this Ella!! Great poem!

  9. Such romantic music wings around your thoughts in this poem! Exquisite!

  10. So serene, so beautiful. I feel refreshed reading this one. Reminded me of the story of Empty your Cup. Lovely lovely poem!!

  11. beautiful and i love the play on words

  12. Thank you Bren! :D

    Karishma Shetty-I will have to check this story out...Thank you for sharing~

    Gemma-Thank you so much :D

    Hannah-:D Thank you... Tea does give us time to reflect~

    Flipsiderecords-I wish I knew the exact blend ;D Thank you!

    Mama Zen-Thank you :D

    Sherry-You give me hope, but the name is already taken...
    I'll think of something, lol

    Helen-Nice, yes it is! :D

    Heaven-Thank you! The photo helped :D

    Kerry-Thank you, yes that would be a lovely feeling to have~