Thursday, July 19, 2012

Celebratory Post

I started this post yesterday, but having internet issues. I blame it on the heat wave.

Real Toads celebrated their birthday was also Nelson Mandela Day, in honor of his birthday.  He turned 94, what a remarkable spirit he has.  Kerry asked us to write a poem in his regard. He asked everyone(a world-wide appeal) to donate 67 minutes, of their time to serving others.  He has been in politics for 67 years,   

I thought about this and planned to do something else, but this is what happened.  My daughter wanted to show me, her latest Colorguard move.  She has been in camp all this week.  It is a day camp I drive her in the morning and pick her up. Okay, I let her drive ;D   We went outside on the front lawn.  My eighty year old neighbor, Mary was outside and she wandered over.  My daughter n' I were  hot n' tired, but we stayed outside and listened to her share her daughter's experience. She also was in the Colorguard, she rambled from this subject, to her family and then her health.  Some of it was nice to listen to, some a bit uncomfortable, but we could tell she was lonely. I asked her to come in, but she insisted she had a friend stopping by.   It reminded me to be more neighborly and donate more time to listening, to those who live alone.  We could be in their position someday...


Twirling thoughts
encompass my day
solitude is rare
I want to
our lives 
a circular routine
we dance in the axis of now, 
learn from
each other
sharing our stories
facets of our life
everyone can inspire
a poem
the recluse, the social butterfly
and yes, you
we are cursed and blessed
by time

unpredictable and
go outside the circle
be open to the
whispers of
new journeys
and discover
the landscapes
of another life's 



  1. Ella, I absolutely love your poem. It is such an inspirational call to poets.

    Thank you for reading my interview at Poets United. So nice of you to take the time.

  2. This is a beautiful expression, Ella. There will be plenty of time for solitude in life, I think. And yes, we are both cursed and blessed by time. One can have too much time or not enough time and everything in between. And somehow find poetry where we are!

  3. This is the perfect reminder that we should take time just to acknowledge the presence of another person, to let them speak, let them interrupt our day, because it may be a service we have given without even knowing how important it was to that person. This is so thought-provoking and perfect for the day, Ella.

  4. Oh such a beautiful post, Ella.....yes, she was lonely and you and your daughter gave her a gift by listening. Your poem is absolutely beautiful. I especially love the closing lines.....way to be!

  5. i like
    a circular routine
    we dance in the axis of now,
    a lot
    thanks for writing and sharing this :-)

  6. favorite line is

    'be unpredictable and go outside the circle be open to the whispers of new journeys and discover the landscapes of another life's soul... you have such a way with words!

    When we give back with out conditions we can be amazed at how we can touch the lives of others, and in our society where we are surrounded by so much technology the simple act of listening goes a long way...I'm sure your neighbour appreciates the time you spent more than you know. stay blessed! Amandax