Monday, July 9, 2012

In the Garden

Gemma over at Imaginary Garden inspired us, with some of her photos. I chose this one, though I was inspired by her other offerings.

Misty Morning, Arthur's Seat
© Gemma Wiseman

Geography changes
when we partake
we arrive in the
mulberry shadows
where passion's mood
tastes like wild blueberries
rosy dusk flirts with
 the opulent moon

lavender, sage, and clover enhances
the aroma of the wind
liquid legs are encouraged
to dance
wearing your rose colored glasses
you ponder whether to 
wake memories
that tickle your muse

wrapped in secret yearnings
you indulge
your heart strings
and cross the bridge of time

Laurie at the Imaginary Garden asked us to write a poem about demarcation, which according to, means:

1. the determining and marking off of the boundaries of something.
2. separation by distinct boundaries: line of demarcation.


Grey mattered memories enchant wishful glances
of youthful thoughts
capturing the dance of light
against the prism of colored tears
Chakra spirals try to balance
the yin and yang
of life's weathered memories
wrapped in bridges of time


  1. I liked the first one more.The poem engaged all the senses in a beautiful dance of desire and wonder.

  2. wrapped in secret yearnings
    you indulge
    your heart strings
    and cross the bridge of time

    These words held magic for me...

  3. "mulberry shadows"
    How absolutely perfect to describe the photo! And the addition of fragrances, especially the cloves, makes everything seem so tangible.

  4. Both are perfect......the first one really painted the photo in words....

  5. I love the thought of waking memories that tickle one's muse in the first poem, and in the second really enjoyed life's weathered memories wrapped in bridges of time. Your wordings in both poems are exquisite. I envy the beauty of the flow of your words. I agree with Sreejah about the first one. You have really captured that photo!

    I do wonder if it is possible to get rid of 'word verification.' I really struggle with those squiggly words and numbers and usually have to take a stab at them more than once.

  6. "where passion's mood
    tastes like wild blueberries
    rosy dusk flirts with
    the opulent moon"

    Your writing just oozes of natural beauty, Ella!!!

    Love the second one, too, the opening line is gorgeous and closing with that bridge...very nice!! Fits the image well!!

    Smiles to you sweet friend!

  7. Thank you everyone, but reading them again I see things I need to change. I wrote them in the wee hours of the morning, after a thunder shower had passed through. I was tired and it the repetition, but thank you for all your kind words! Try, try again :D

  8. Both of these are gems in their own right. I identify with the first because I think I have the six or seven pairs of rose colored glasses when it comes to some I just spent a weekend with my sweet at a cabin in the woods this weekend, so this reminded me of that. that second one had a really spiritual and relaxed feel and voice, brought me down a few notches. I am super glad I stopped by. Great job.

  9. I love the "mulberry shadows", Ella, and your second poem is a delight as well.

  10. So loved the image of "mulberry shadows"! So haunting! That photo was the first one I took with a digital camera! It was a strange, misty morning when I knew the time was close to moving on! Your poem beautifully stirs those memories for me!

  11. I LOVE the poem inspired by Gemma's beautiful photo........the "mulberry shadows", the "rosy dusk" the idea of bridges of time. Beautiful writing, kiddo!

  12. beautiful poems Ella...this first line "Geography changes
    when we partake" from Gemma's image is boldly true...everything changes because of our presence.

  13. i liked them both, but mulberry shadows is a gem of an image. then to follow it up with blueberries and rose dusk on moon. well, that was a lot of fun:)