Friday, January 11, 2013

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Fireblossom asked us to write a poem about doubletalk. I went with the first dust mote that floated into my mind's eye.

I am an artist
glitter and dust on my dishes
blue paint fragments my hair
 tools layered with peeling glue fingerprints
passion's pink holds hopes hand
purple prose aligns
orange cheer cascades over my blue thoughts
torn lace n' thread on my floor
the yellow in me fades to query again
blue doubt pools
its salty kiss touches my lips
I am an artist


  1. I love the presence of an artist about the house, the discarded remnants are brought into vivid focus in your description. I like how you used 'fragments' as a verb, and the change from actual paint to coloured emotions. So effective in setting up a secondary meaning in the final line.

  2. I like the strength in this poem, Ella, the knowledge that you are an artist and proclaiming that loudly and clearly. Shoo away that 'blue doubt'and celebrate the 'blue paint fragments' in your hair.

  3. wowweee, these lines are golden:
    "the yellow in me fades to query again
    blue doubt pools"

  4. As in Pygmalion, your narrator creates her own love to come wooing, flirting and kissing. If she can make doubt, she can make anything!

  5. Yes, banish those blue doubts, you are, you ARE!!!!!! Love the glitter, scraps and color woven through this poem.

  6. Yes, indeed... and a very talented on at that!

  7. Artists are the MOST emotional of all humans... I know... we have a house full. Very nice.

  8. An intriguing change-over of opinion.

  9. You are indeed! Lovely word painting here.

  10. Beautiful use of colors in this, Ella--just striking.

  11. What a transition from opening line to close, what an incredible image, really nice!!!! (note I did not use wow)

  12. Every good artist has these moments "kissed by doubt." It is the hacks who never question themselves!

  13. "the yellow in me fades to query again" I like that line a lot. I think each of us who are creative have out doubts. I certainly do!

  14. I LOVE the picture! I'm partial to eye-pics to begin with. lol
    I liked the poem, too. The line about purple prose made me laugh. :-)

  15. Hi Lexa-;D Yes, but I do think purple reflects passion, not really pink, so I have fun leaving people to wonder ;D I am glad you laughed :D

    Susie-Yes, that yellow dog lacking courage! Thank you, yes, so many doubts, but we must continue on ;D

    FB-Thank you ;D Yes, the hacks are full of only one color, lol.
    Thank you for this challenge! @>-----

    Helen-Thank you! It was fun to write...yours was fun to read :D

    Joy-Thank you! Yes, It felt reflective and sometimes we just need to go there :D

    Mama Zen-Thank you! I wanted people to paint with me ;D

    Peggy-Thank you! so are YOU! @>------

    Aprille-It was a intriguing challenge ;D Thank you~

    Margaret-Oh, you so know-YOU are one and are surrounded! How magical ;D Thank you~

    Laurie-Thank you! ;D You are kind...

    Sherry-I knew you would love blue, lol! Thank you...yes, one has to continue on their journey and look for inspiration ;D Thank you :D

    Susan-I loved what you shared ;D Just hate dancing with doubt, too long! Thank you~

    Marian-Thank you! It was fun to write and came quickly! Weird how the process words, sometimes :D

    Mary-I should of used blue sky fragments in my hair, to reflect the dreamer in me. Thank you Mary! I will :D

    Kerry-Thank you so much! It was fun to dabble with paint, in words ;D

  16. Stunningly beautiful, so full of color and art. Love this!

  17. Hi Judy...thank you! I enjoyed the process, once I saw the reflected thought :D