Friday, November 2, 2012

Liar, Sweet Desire!

Fireblossom asked us to write a poem about our inner opposite.   I fear there is a bit of truth, in my liar, liar poem....can you figure out what I might be lying about ;D

I'm a sugar whore
             Yup that's me
I loooove the white granulated legal crack
                                           it rocks my world
It rules
I crave
                                            its pure magic
it is my
I couldn't 
do that

I sure
do love to eat
they will 
                                        kill me
                                          magic of
brown sugar's 
so sweet
if I 
well,is it
bad to be good
or is it good to be
                                                                                              sinful smile
as I pop some 
of the magic crystals
my brain so
like Pop Rocks
My mood is climbing
scaling the
path to the
sugar mountain high
Halloween haunts
me every
the sugar fairies dance
teasing n' taunting
those colorful bitches
in their rainbow Skittle world
Discover a Rainbow
f#*^k  U
long for the buttery
of toffee, 
with its nutty
chocolate heaven
one nibble 
 I swoon...
to the moon
I must ride
for one 
amazing bite....
sugar sucks
the life out of me
it is
1380 bs=bull shit not
 blood sugar




  1. You.....>>>>> rock! (Not sugar rock either ) Whatever you call
    I guess you like all things sweet Ella eh? And you can't over dose on it either, can you?
    This was sooooo good because you were soooo bad!
    Giggled at this:
    'teasing n' taunting
    those colorful bitches
    in their rainbow Skittle world
    Discover a Rainbow
    f#*^k U'

    Tut, tut...ahem.... haha

    Great stuff ;)

  2. Is that YOU, Ella? You totally owned this challenge, woman. I think *I* am gonna need some of that insulin from the picture, just from reading this! (Is that the little bit of truth in the poem?) Thanks a bunch for participating in FBF!

  3. Hi Ella...a sugar whore, are you? (in your opposite persona) I think we often crave what we are not supposed to have.....and some have ways to justify having what is really not good for them. It is hard to walk to 'straight and narrow' continually. THAT I do know.

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  5. I can imagine this is a certain kind of torture reserved for diabetics alone: the craving for sweet things forever denied. I don't have a sweet tooth but a little sugar goes a long way in this sour world.

  6. 1380 blood sugar?!! LOL! this cracked me up cuz it SOOOOO describes me! and that's no lie! love, Love, LOVE this, Ella!!!

  7. Wow, do we ever share that sugar thing! I am so on the border of needing medication ... it's terrifying. This poem ranks among the finest Ella!!!

  8. Helen-Do all you can to avoid it! I have the juvenile type... I have been on insulin for 25yrs. It is so much a part of our social world. Funny the first thing people want to give me is Orange Juice... I know people mean well, but sometimes augh!
    Thank you~ Zone diet is really good(Peace sign on a plate) Eat some protein first, lots of veggies(non-starchy ones) and high fiber carb last~

    Dani-I really did have 1380 bs...I was medevaced, off an island.
    I was a new diabetic 1500 miles off the coast line of Alaska. Oh, Dani...we could binge and exercise together... We have to fight the cravings! Maybe I should start a support group for Sugar whores, lol

    Kerry-Yes, it is a special kind of hell. It isn't just sweets, it is all white carbs, too. Yes, it is a sour world. Bittersweet resides in all arenas~

    Mary-Yes, I I think forbidden fruit is where it gets difficult. It is like walking a tight rope, sometimes I fall off..
    Yes, well said~

    Fireblossom-Yes, it is I ;D Yes, there is truth in here, amped up with some internal demons! I have several-I try to blog about seeing light and beauty of the ordinary. I have had a lot of dark in my world~ Rainbow Skittle couldn't brighten it, but nature sure does... Thanks it was therapeutic to release the beast!

    Bren-lol! I know, I really pushed the envelope~ I do get tired of hearing people whine how hard it is, while they eat their white food! I have actually had people say to me..."Oh, it is easy for you, because you can't have it." Crazy, yeah a chronic illness with no cure-and terrible side effects! Thank you! ;D

    1. OMG, Ella! i didn't know a blood sugar reading could go that high!!! and to be in that remote of a location! so glad you survived such a true sugar high! *hugs*


  9. yikes, wow, i loved this other voice of yours! and now that we know she's in there... hmmmmmmm.

  10. Marian-lol, yeah, look out...tee,hee Thank you :D

  11. I love the kisses in here--both the brown sugar one and the toffee chocolate nutty one--absolute orgasm. Especially if sneaked in and eaten alone. I do not think that there is a lie in here--if you don't do it, here is the proof of your fantasy life! Crazy cool.

    My dad has had this struggle for years but still eats his double heaped applepie and icecream at night--all sugar free of course. I have had this with him. It lacks the zing, but from what I can see, it does not lack the calories. I admire him and you too, for keeping the blood sugar steady and having pride in your strength.

  12. Are you diabetic? Crap, I'm sorry. Chocolate was recently pulled from my repertoire of sin due to migraines. I was like, "WHAT? I've given up caffeinated coffee, pot, cocaine, drinking... and you can't let me have some stinking chocolate?"

    Dr. replied dryly, "Have all you want, as long as you enjoy the feeling of an icepick poking your eyeball over and over again."

    Doctor, 1. Amy, O. Crap. Loved this, especially all the bitching!! Amy

  13. Hi Amy-Yes, I am Type 1, have been for 25 yrs. It is a fine line, for me. I'm really good, then fall off the wagon. Halloween to New Years is like living in a crack house. My kids want to bake the traditions, we give cookies as gifts, and I had to give up my favorite soda, which kept the indulging at bay. A Pharmacist gave me meds for a bladder infection and said...Oh, the worst one I had was drinking this..... I was drinking it, too. Gave it up! Oh, Amy you have struggled...what about carob? Or white chocolate? Small doses-I am sorry! I do wonder why...YOU know I am going to toss this out...what about making your own chocolate something with cocoa powder. I say this because I have issues with chocolate, it has soy in it and I have allergies to soy. Yeah, it is in everything, I know! See if that doesn't make a difference-it may not be chocolate it may be something else! I get hives, facial swelling and anxiety from hell when I eat soy. :D
    Amy I so hope this works for you! xo Yeah, we have to let the steam out once in a while, lol! I know I say often, I have to give it all up, no alcohol, no sugar,no bread, no chocolate-soy, no soda, gave up caffeine when I was hyperthyroid, NO FUN!

    Susan-Thank you, I'm trying to get back on the health wagon. I have thyroid which makes my diabetes worse. I would be thrilled to eat sugar free pie and ice cream, but too many carbs. My thyroid doesn't like it...just wants me to eat like a Cave Woman. Off to make a Brontosaurus burger, lol Yeah, there is more truth in are right :D Yes, I have the same feeling about toffee/chocolate stuff! lol

    Rene-Are you a sugar whore, too? It is good to know I am not alone-in this battle! Thank you~

  14. I loved Shay's "Ellie? Is that YOU?" Hee hee. Why, Ms Ellie, you said the F word! This is hilarious. I so wish I wasnt away for this challenge. Maybe tomorrow I will give it a whirl......I have spent this entire day sitting at my desk commenting on all the stuff I missed for three days. It's blogblast for peace weekend too which makes for a lot of commenting! I so enjoyed this poem. I love sweets too but my friend Chris sent me home with some great ideas for simple healthy eating and I plan to get the groceries and give it a go.

  15. with its nutty chocolate heaven kiss
    one nibble and I swoon...

    !! I can feel the longing. This would be impossible for me...

  16. Oh my goodness (or badness?) that is tough. My dad got Type 2 about 10 year ago and it has been really difficult--he has always been thin, and exercised, so it was a big shock--can't seem to get the right meds to keep him balanced. Chocolate is a tough one--I'm soy sensitive too. Recently had to give up my Cuban coffee--sigh...Great poem! You really made me smile :-)

  17. I am definitely a sugar whore. :) I can relate.

  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It meant a lot to me:) I have always been jealous of poets. I don't know what I would do without my sugar fix. I am sorry that you can not indulge so casually in the joy of a piece of chocolate to brighten a bad day.

  19. I swoon to the moon.... LOL :)

  20. Thank you Dezzy! Now, I think that part could be a song, lol

    Jennifer-Thank you for stopping by! Yes, I find a way, usually biking for an hour or so. I am happy you are ok! Thank you so much :D

    Nicolewian-Glad to know I am not alone!

    SaraV-Sorry! It is hard to give up things~ I hope your Dad finds balance and you! Thank you xo

    Margaret-It is a curse, for me. I had a phobia of needles and had to get over it. One does the best they can...Thank you!

    Sherry-You will have to share! Yes, I do think my inner sugar craving beast reared its ugly head, lol Thank you~

  21. lol....some smiles and your writing is very interesting....