Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Dickens with dickens


Parking lot drama
fighting over space
Hurry scurry through the door
they run at a mad pace
holiday sales, blue light specials
Black Friday,
discounted red coupons
Marketed by color
we're in the red
we want the black
and Santa wears those
red light, green light
more like yellow
why, why
 rush in, race to find
run to check out
 near the exit
let's go, let's move and 
at the final 
 electronic doors
they turn into rusty robots
their butts stick out, arms
lean forward, they tilt
they text and stop right after they
get out of the last door.
like a funeral 
moving slow, then stop
traffic jam 
hey what's the hold up
the funeral was back at the register
let's move
move along
there is nothing to see


  1. OMG, I need to do errands and now I'm too scared to go Out There. Hee hee. You nailed it, kiddo!
    The worst is people taking up the entire aisle to talk - at leisure - who will not move over to let people by. Argh.

  2. I'm so glad we don't have black Friday here, but then the boxing day sales are our version and I stay well away from the shops. you've captured the chaos perfectly

  3. I try to stay away from the madness. Some people are energized by it, but the crowds and lines really get to me.

    Do you have word verification for a reason? It is hard to respond in blogs that have it.

  4. Mary-Oh, damn...I thought I shut it off!
    I'll go look-I hate crowds and word verification~

    Emma-Thank you and it is nice that you shared! I am not a fan of crowds. It looks like chaos to me-ick!

    Sherry-lol! You know when to go...early morning :D Oh, yes I want to shove

  5. Ella,

    I sensed the usual panic from those words. The crowds, the pushing , the hassle....Is it really worth it all!!!
    Then there is the home and the decorations and there the peace:)

    Best Wishes,

  6. Hi Eileen-I know right! It is crazy and supposedly the most wonderful time of the year~lol I prefer the home, decorations and peace ;D
    Best Wishes to you!

    Mama Zen-I know right :D

  7. I've never done a Black Friday and after reading your poem I know why!

  8. CHECK

    Why do we turn?
    We never learn
    but miss the goal
    when in control.

  9. Oh, I hate crowds. I do my grocery shopping as soon as they open in the morning and Christmas shopping, the same. I get a claustrophobic feeling in long check out lines... You soooo got this one nailed :)

  10. I felt that frantic manic-ness while reading this. So glad I don't fall for this odd ritual. That's not holiday spirit to me.

    Well crafted poem. : )

  11. This is horrible. Is it true? How embarrassing.

  12. Great write! I saw this too last time at the Mall! Merry Christmas, Ella!

  13. Hey,

    Great job with this poem (piece?)

    I wish I could do poetry sometimes.

    But I am crap with rhyme.


  14. Thank you so much everyone! I will visit you soon~ (((hugs)))
    I hope you all aren't suffering too much with the frantic!