Thursday, May 23, 2013

Get a Clue

Over in the Garden, Karin gave us a GET LISTED challenge!  I do hope I don't offend anyone-it was not my intention.   I didn't rhyme, but I enjoyed writing in a different tone-way different! 

Tang arrives from my typed font
 I taste the lingering inventory fashioned from her tongue
malingers raise the room's temperature
one's habit braises questions
of skill set and happenstance
Dappled drops of lime and torn leaves of mint
shredded on the Conservatory floor or is it Catnip?
as the spirits dance
platters of disappoint are being served in the Dining Room
down the Hall
a stew of opulent depression lingers

I wander into Ballroom (Gatsby would dearly frown...)
and see Mr. Green
He and Peacock have
proud pinched smiles
as Crass raises a glass
a toast: "to shucked dreams"
towards Kitchen door he raises his glass
Frankly Scarlett I do give a damn....
smirks my honey, Colonel Mustard
"Colonel Sanders would serve a more pleasurable meal
seasoned with sass!He yells
Pressure cooked in this simmering brine

I find my way onto the Veranda
and hear a blood curling scream

sounds feline
coming from the wine cellar 
Look there is an envelope
on the stairs photos tumbled downward
face side up
Parker Brothers says they will sue me
if I print this...
 saucy Mrs. White did it in the Study with ____________ and they used a rope
to be continued....

In the dark shadows Christian Grey keeps typing....

                                                                © Ellen Wilson



  1. OMG, this is fantastic. Will there be a sequel? You are so hilarious and multi-faceted, kiddo. I love the feline scream...and the "Frankly, Scarlett"......

  2. Could smell a story brewing here though have to admit I am not familiar with the earlier one!:)

  3. Love where the words took you! From the ballroom to the stairs I smiled the whole way!

  4. Very clever, Ella. Enjoyed your different characters. (Even the mention of Gatsby) And ha, regarding Christian Grey! Masterful writing.

  5. I love your twist on the whodunnit in the final lines. This is good satire - I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

  6. I grew up with Clue, and LOVE this. That "Frankly Scarlett" is fantastic. :)

  7. So much fun - great melange here - really well done. Thanks so much. This is Karin - Manicddaily - on blogger blog. k.

  8. That is quite a mystery Ella ~ Very creative in the presentation ~