Monday, November 11, 2013

ART Challenge: Featuring Mike Worrall

For our Sunday challenge, Grace shared with us the talented surreal painter Mike Worrall!

"The enigmatic, dreamlike paintings of Mike Worrall are often inspired by historical themes.  Informed by his work in film, Worrall deals with the sublime in his hyperreal depictions of the mysterious.  As in a dream, the quiet façade and the beauty of the large scale oil paintings masks the intriguing content and enormous energy underpinning the works."

Thank you Grace!  Mike's art is wonderful~

For a complete view of his work, please visit here.
Poets Corner, oil on linen, 122x155cm, 2002

The Musical called Day 

My petals unfold as
Soleil twirls her skirt
bleeding light onto
green starred pasture
Honey bees hum as my
poem blooms

playing four notes
north, south, east and west
pointing my fate
towards night's garden
soon wormy darkness creeps
into our evergreen sea
 my blush petals deepen into maroon
 I surrender my neck my bridge
into heaven's blue crystallized soil
strum my fate
feathering fingers with
Brahm's lullaby
tomorrow I will play a hurricane
casting away the Iceberg Roses
their blood chills us all. 

© Ellen Wilson

Geometry of Costume, oil on canvas, 122x182cm, 2002


Geometry plays tricks
daughter dear-faded pearls n' dust
decorate family tree
dewy peach skin 
outlined charcoal doe eyes
grace blushed apple smile
dimpled thoughts wink
doorway of souls
float in bleached white memories
silver feathers glide
appearing in  hands, in smile
elfin manner transformed
every quarter hour
face chimes
You Westminster and I
  archived map lives on
in golden floral notes
n' sands of time
 Daughter your Quadrilateral
I'm sorry
your father is famous
Yes, you know him
Time Square.

© Ellen Wilson
Thank you Mike!   Great challenge Grace~


  1. playing four notes
    north, south, east and west
    pointing my fate
    towards night's garden..

    Gorgeous lines, Ella. You have found the baroque in these paintings and translated it into words.

  2. Both poems honor the inspiring paintings, but I particularly like the first, "Day's Musical," as the sun enters and prepares to exit, thinking about tomorrow. I would she were a musician with some bridged instrument. Instead of real hurricane possibilities, let's have the operas, the symphonies.

  3. "My petals unfold as
    Soleil twirls her skirt
    bleeding light onto
    green starred pasture
    Honey bees hum as my
    poem blooms"… breathless, thats how i feel after reading these opening lines… from a deep exhaling sigh… so beautiful Ella dear!

  4. You have absolutely captured the essence of the paintings with your words. I especially love "doorway of souls
    float in bleached white memories"
    Beautiful, kiddo.

  5. adore that first painting and the poem was lovely too :)

  6. so many good lines .. you matched the paintings perfectly.. and brought them to life...

  7. Your poems speak to us as the paintings spoke to are an artist, Ella.

  8. Both lovely pieces though the first one is particularly stirring as poetry is blooming ~

    Thanks for your participation in Sunday's Challenge ~ Happy week and take care ~

  9. to play a hurricane...smiles....i like that bit much int eh first ella....the casting off of the flowers as well...well played off the paintings ella....ha times square as the father is rather funny...and i like the geometry refs in the poem as well...

  10. Such beautiful work Ella...I love the thought of poetry blooming...

  11. first, i LOVE your poem "The Musical called Day" ~ much better than my attempt to interpret the painting.

    and second, i laughed out loud at ~

    "your father is famous
    Yes, you know him
    Time Square."

    you are just toooo clever!

    hope you have a great week, dear!


  12. wonderful... the phrase that really gets me is "wormy darkness."

  13. Love the "play a hurricane" .. many gorgeous lines

  14. double the pleasure, Ella ~

  15. Excellent poems. The first one is my favorite. There is a dreamy, musical sound to it.

    1. Thank you so much! You are kind..yes a poetic musical would be fun!

  16. I will return to comment! I have been distracting by my guests Ruby n' Peter-please forgive me~ I shall return~

    Thank you!!