Saturday, May 17, 2014

Black Forest

Over in the Imaginary Garden, Hannah shared with us photos of Germany.  The Black Forest intrigued me. I haven't written for weeks.  I have been hiding in an indoor forest trying to stay cool and calm.  My meds were messed up and it has been a roller coaster ride.  I feel better-I miss blogging and you!

The World Tree

  Moss's green stars outline
  pine needle floor
dampness curls ideas
like leaves brittle yet fragile
I weed  my path
waiting for day's star to
 burn gold and spill
her treasured light
along my trodden path.

Skin prickles as wolf  sings his serenade
to his beloved Blood Orange moon
 wind drums a wild dance 
illuminating labyrinth's silver birches
tall pines sway
in the darkest recesses secrets
howling, hooting and breathe
fear into my pores

Black hole wisdom hovers
-a hooded cloak of raven feathers
hides her craggy eyes
her dress made of  Walking Sticks
and spider's webs
her thoughts fly towards me
in catalyst dreams
waking mysteries of the moon.
She tells me "answers are ripples
in the universe's blanket
go to Great Oak
Wren is my totem."

"Hold what is sacred until stellar
dust burns,
follow tree's wheel
it spins stories of Holy Grail.
Your map is primal law-
magic whispers in shadows
as you wait for day's eye to open
Green woman will guide you-if
you dare listen."

©Ellen Wilson 


  1. I think the description of the wise woman is spectacular: each part of her outfit, and her wise words really created a picture in my mind.

    "answers are ripples
    in the universe's blanket"


    1. Thank you Kerry, this means a lot! I have felt a bit lost lately-this poem is about me.

  2. Glad to see you back blogging again, Ella. I like the idea that the green woman will guide - if we only listen.

    1. Thank you Mary! Now, if we would only listen...just as you said!

  3. I think a green woman to guide us is for sure needed... as much green as possible... and I can feel the soft moss on my bare feet in your words

    1. There is a green man, too ;D Thank you Bjorn-I love that you said that~
      My favorite park back where I grew up is filled with a pine needle path and one section is filled with moss. I love the changes along my favorite trail.
      Darn they do not show the moss section! There are some hidden trails that lead to a field of wild flowers over the water-so peaceful!
      Thank you~

  4. The problem is usually that bit 'if you dare to listen', isn't it! Beautifully written... And, even though I don't know you but do know the power of messed up medication, here's a big *hug* for you!

    1. Thank you CC! Sorry-you know this battle~ We had a storm threatening our area and I had to get my meds elsewhere. I have been on the same meds for fifteen years. My body did not react kindly to the change. I still am dizzy and sometimes nauseous, but my mind is more like me. I was in that dark forest searching for the light~
      Thank you! Hugs to you~

  5. I admire the words of wisdom of listening to primal law and nature (as green woman ) ~ I hope you are feeling better Ella ~ Have a lovely weekend ~

    1. Thank you Grace~ Yes, green woman knows we can begin again and feel the wonder of our fresh start~

      You, too!

  6. Oh Ella...this is gorgeous. It holds an archetypal feeling. I love this portion: "answers are ripples
    in the universe's blanket"

    Beautiful in its entirety.

    Thank you so much for joining!

    I'm glad you're feeling better. ♥

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I always seem to miss your challenges and I truly love what you come up with. I think it has a lot to do with husband works half a day on Friday and sometimes sneaks out early. I love this prompt-it spoke to where I have felt on my journey, as of late! Thank you for reaching me on so many levels~ I hope to come home this autumn-if I do-let's meet for coffee!! @>---------- Thank you

  7. Love the description of Black Hole Wisdom… not a "usual" walk in the woods is this poem… Nicely done.

    1. Thank you Margaret! Yes, there is always magic lurking on those walks!
      I hope you are enjoying your family~

  8. I love the use of ravens and walking sticks to adorn wisdom, as neither is a simple reference.

    1. Thank you, GL! There is always enchantment encompassing our walks. Our paths are worn with the ordinary and amazing~ We just have to look-thank you so much~

  9. Love this Ella--so full of wonderful images--and I too love walking sticks as you use it here--