Friday, August 17, 2012

Think Tank Thursday

I decided on Dream Catcher for our prompt #110 over at Poets United.  I thought it would capture many interesting poems~  I love the view, so far :D  

                                Soon the tangerine rose will appear
                                          in the blue noted sky
                                                             a night of rituals
allows spirit guide to enter
gathering sacred fragments of the day
pinnacles of jewels threaded 
with transforming thread
scattered thoughts come through the wind
 the sun bleached ones remain
storm clouds gather in corners of the mind
they must be swept out
 yet some cobwebs remain
like a lost Eagle feather they remind us
of our tangled memories 
and outstretched limbs
a cloud comforts your head
a blue blanket of stars warms you
as your spirit soars and dances 
through the day's dust
sunlight diffuses and shines
 on the gems of your day
sweeping the valley of shadows outward
 to breath fresh air
as the shapes shift and the edges blur 
summer's light dapples with rain
where the flutter of wings glide across your pond
and paints new images of light
It is a Lunar moth 
you see her luminous glow
through the dark green spruce
the moon's night light winks at you 
the moth is peacefully flirting around tiny new leaves
of the Black Walnut Tree
Green ribbons of her light 
cascade in the breeze
you feel the wind and the edges of your day n' night blur
Your pathway is cleared
as your spirit guide departs
he/she whispers 
connect the truth
to your stars 



  1. Lovely images of the spirit soaring and dancing in the moon night ~ Thanks for the prompt Ella ~

  2. Seconding what Heaven has said. And many beautiful images. Love the tangerine rose in the blue noted sky, the lunar moth with her luminous glow......and the ending. Lovely words written to your prompt, Ella!

  3. "Connect the truth to your stars" beautiful. This is one of your best, Ellie.......I love the tangerine rose too.

  4. is so full of color as are dreams. May we catch as many dreams as we can.

  5. I never knew yu could dream in colour, until I did :) This is so lovely Ella. So many rich visuals as Mary says, and I agree the ending is totally superb!

  6. Beautiful picture to accompany beautiful words!

  7. Ella, great ride through the dreams! You really caught the surreal and real, with the perfect ending--connect the truth to your stars--loved it!

  8. "allows spirit guide to enter
    gathering sacred fragments of the day"

    LOVE that! and

    "he/she whispers
    connect the truth
    to your stars"

    love the entire poem, Ella! and thank you for the prompt!

  9. Wow! Ella, you are a true poet dedicated to perfecting your craft! A beautiful read through such lovely descriptive imagery. I can't wait to see more of what you come up with next. I work hard at my craft but I can only dream (as you have here), of becoming a poet at the level of perfection I believe you are at.

    Best Wishes for your beautiful poetry!

  10. Ella, what an incredible dreamworld you wove. So many perfect phrases, images-one of my favorites" some cobwebs remain like a lost eagle feather" loved this poem:-)