Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vice Versa #11

Mary at  Poets United challenged us to write a poem,  with the words unique/ordinary and
condemn/praise.   She picked some great words for this challenge....


Uniqueby ~Marsilea


 Umbrella shadows my saturated blue day yet

I see shadows engraved like diamonds through the radiant sun

My daily walk, my chores, my ordinary view of whiteness and concrete

 blurs the lines

 but at night I hear the stars whispers as they fall 

Their final dance a wish to dream on

Stacks of books to read, words to write, tests to study for

I feel condemned by a bland manilla world

my unquenchable curiosity is awaken by a poem

the words twist and turn like branches

hope is tucked in them, like green buds

their green veins extend and reach my heart and I feel 

the words come, they arrive like a fresh rain

 I so hope someone else sees my world 

and gives me praise

for seeing beyond the ordinary 



  1. I love the idea of words twisting and turning like branches......and that hope is tucked in them.

    I think you have crystalized the hope of many poets in your last three lines. I would say you definitely DO see beyond the ordinary & express this 'beyond' well with your words!

  2. Thank you Mary! :D
    I think all poets do!!! I think is why we paint with words and try to get others to see how beautiful the ordinary is! Thank you so much~

  3. yes, love those green veins :)

  4. I LOVE this beautiful poem......"but at night I hear the stars whisper as they fall" - spectacular! and I love "hope tucked in them, like green buds". You DEFINITELY always see beyond the ordinary. Way to be.

  5. Ella, you outdid yourself with this poem! Sherry and I liked some of the same phrases, they gave me shivers of delight :-) You're definitely always above and beyond the ordinary--a treat to read your words each week

  6. Yes, praise for seeing beyond the ordinary, Ella, lots of praise.
    Luv, K

  7. words, thoughts, as green buds just waiting to grow on the page! Love that.

  8. Just lovely, full of unexpected twists and turns. Loved the bland 'manilla' taking over from vanilla.