Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mini Challenge

Over in the garden, Kerry's daughter Jaime offered gorgeous photos for this week's mini challenge.
Kerry asked us to play with this form Shadorma.   It is a simple syllabic verse form.  It is most effective when written using strong words or phrases.

The Shadorma is:

1. a hexastich, a poem in 6 lines
2. syllabic, 3-5-3-3-7-5 syllables per line.
3. unrhymed.

Bee in Bottlebrush

This flower reminded me of fireworks.  I went with this idea in my poem.

Hot sparks fly
as desire connects
Latin rhythm hums
steps invite
vertical tango begins
passion's fireworks~


Green baby crawls
toward sun's juicy rays
birth of Hope
down to Earth
healing wisdom's potential
Mother Nature grins~

Thank you Jaime n' Kerry for this wonderful prompt~


  1. I like the passion's fireworks and birth of hope ~

    Lovely shadorma poems ~

  2. Wow, Ellen...beautiful shadormas, both of them. The first one is 'steamy' hot and the second so very hopeful. They worked SO well with Jaime's wonderful photos.

  3. I love the way you saw the bloom as something passionate and explosive, and when I read your image of the baby crawling towards light in the second poem, I thought how truly apt a comparison it is.

  4. Oh I SO LOVE Mother Nature grinning at the green baby. Lovely, Ellie! I've forgotten how to tango, plus it takes two, but cool slant on the firey red flower, too!

  5. ...that Latin rhythm will do it every time! :)

  6. I like the Tango and I like the Hope--both are vivid and happy.

  7. The first one sizzled. So many images came to mind—the sinewy limbs of tango dancers entwining, latin rhythms pulsing, humidity. I love how you allowed your first impression of the bottlebrush to inspire your poem. And the new green shoots of hope are so full of hope!

  8. I liked the way you used fireworks in the prompt !!!

  9. The first one dances joyfully among fireworks.
    The second one is a song to the miracle of Nature.
    Thanks for sharing so much beauty.

  10. I, too, see fireworks and a grin... love them both, Ella!

  11. Very apt visualizations that really make the pictures even more awesome than they already are.

  12. Wow! I recently got introduced to the world of haiku, & it was amazing writing them. The "Shadorma" is an excellent way of writing too. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Thank you everyone! I need to try this art form again~
    It was a great challenge, but I didn't quite live up to it~
    I so enjoyed all of your poems! :D