Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wonder??? Wednesday

I thought it would be fun to start off the new prompt at Poets United in a zany direction. Who better than Dr. Seuss to take us there.  He was the man that so many of us enjoyed in our youth, read to our children, and  some are now enjoying with their grandchildren.

Here is my silly adaptation.  I chose to write a tribute type poem to Dr. Seuss.  I must say "Wacky Wednesday" did invade my life.  Once I discovered the book and read it with my daughter, life changed.  We celebrated "Wacky Wednesday" with dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.  Once in a Blue Moon I would let my children eat dessert first.  I know wacky, right!  I did make sure it was something with some protein in it, like Peanut Butter Chocolate pudding!   I hope in honor of Dr. Seuss, you too will embrace Wednesday and do something wacky! 

Dr. Seuss
you silly goose
you set my mind a whirling
like oysters do, I too began a pearling

You made reading fun, when I was young
your rhyming gave me a twisted tongue
I learned to love the abuse
oh, Dr. Seuss you silly goose

Children came and you again entered my brain
allowing me to dance down memory lane
my thoughts scrambled like green eggs n' ham
 I need to live like a clam
or maybe like Horton hears a Who
then I think of red and blue and things one n' two
the Grinch reminds me of Cindy Lou
Then Wacky Wednesday had that silly shoe
How do you do it..get in my head
 you nested in my capillary bed

If I ran the Zoo
Horton would not have heard the who
The Cat in the hat
would have found a bat
inside his chapeau
How would we grow?

Would I have Hopped on Pop
What would I talk about at the bus stop?
Sneetches would their bellies have stars
Would a  green dog in a yellow tree have cars?


Oh, Dr. Seuss
You silly goose
would a fox wear socks
would Knox find a box
would my tongue be in knots
Thanks Dr. Seuss for all the crazy thoughts!!!

Thanks for tying my tongue in a bow
Thanks for letting me grow
Thank you, Thank you
 Dr. Seuss
for being zany like a goose
for giving me an excuse
n' setting my imagination on the loose***


  1. Oh Ella - what a beautiful tribute! A delight-FULL poem and a great kick off for a wonderful Wednesday :) THANK YOU

  2. Thank you Pearle! I had fun writing it :D
    I know it is a stretch, next week will be more interesting, but I thought we need to lighten things up! Time to have fun~
    You are sweet! ;D

  3. Wow, Ella, you really worked in a lot of names of Dr. Seuss books.I truly had never heard of his Wacky Wednesday book; but this Wednesday certainly fit the bill. You definitely have the Seuss style down pat. I commend you for that. Fun to see what comes when your imagination is set loose. LOL.

  4. I love managed to get many Suess books mentioned here. I absolutely loved those books when I was a kid...his imagination was perfectly suited to children.

    What fun!

  5. Wow, it has been a while since Dr Seuss books were part of our home library, I had forgotten lots of these......loved your restrospective!! Love the colors of the words too.....

  6. Aaaah...this poem most likely brings memories back for so many. What a delightful read on this Thursday morning.

  7. So in depth, Ella, and the rhymes too. Tell me, O, Ella( was tempted to add Dr. but don' mind), were you neighbours with Dr. Seuss? Hehe.

    Loved it.

  8. Love that you added all the touches from his books. I love him too!! Great tribute poem. Fun

  9. I wasn't feeling very Suesian as far as writing this week but am loving the poems submitted, so much fun, thanks Ella.

  10. Very good Ella, very much in Suessian fashion thanks for sharing

  11. Tatius-Thank you! I read it to my daughter and she thought I too went in the Seuss direction~ :D Thank you so much~

    rch-Thank you! It was fun to do something to release one's inner child! We have to mix things up once in a while ;D

    Kiana-Thank you! It was fun and I think most of us can relate to the silly goose, Dr. Seuss ;D

    Salem-lol, you are so funny n' cute! ;D I wish I was his neighbor!!! tee,hee Can you imagine how fun...

    Linda-Thank you so much! I hope I got a chuckle out you and you had wonderful memories surface :D

    Sherry-Thank you! It was fun to be silly n' colorful~ Dr. Seuss did inspire. I remember my son was 3yrs old in a store looking at one of his books and he turned to me and said, "Please teach me to read." :D It was so touching~

    Bodhirose-I wonder if he had kids? He had a world who loved n' embraced his color filled, zany world~ Thank you so much! We needed some fun ;D Thanks for being open to this challenge :D
    Yours was so wild n' wacky..I loved it!

    Mary-:D Thank you so much! Yes, I do try to be playful in my everyday world~ My daughter will be shocked tomorrow when we shop. I have some wacky n' fun adventures planned for her! She is embracing my art dates! We take photos downtown and walk around and capture things that are unique. We stylize stores and this time I'm bringing chalk. Maybe I will do guerilla poetry ;D
    Thanks Mary for embracing this challenge!

  12. Ella, This was so much fun to read! Well done.

  13. Thank you Purplepeninportland :D
    It was fun to write~

  14. brilliant, Ella! the first books i bought for, and read to, my grandchildren were all Dr. Seuss. i missed the Mr. Linky sign in, but wrote to the prompt anyway. {smile} i do NOT think Dr. Seuss would have approved though.

  15. Dani-Thank you! I do think Dr. Seuss would of laughed at your contribution~ I mean it is part of our childhood! :D The next one will be much more serious ;D

  16. Dr Seuss meant so much to us as children, and to our own children. It's not many authors who get that right. I can see you had a lot of fun with this prompt, Ellen.

  17. funny, sweet, colourful and very entertaining.

  18. SO fun!!! Ella!! My kiddos LOVE Suess and so do I!! Thank you for this rhyming shining tribute!! :) Hugs!

  19. Dr. Seuss is still one of my favorite authors! He had quite the subversive streak. Love your poem!

  20. oh yes so fun, Dr. Seuss so inspires!

  21. This was so fun to read ~ I recall reading those books to my kids..he..he... Happy day to you Ella ~

  22. Ella, you rocked the Dr. Seuss references. Reading this poem brought back so many fond memories of reading those stories to my girls.

  23. Susie-Thank you! I had fun writing it and reflecting back! Happy it reminded you of cherished memories ;D

    Heaven-lol, I know it does make you chuckle to think of reading those books and how our children reacted :D Thank you~

    Marian-Thank you! Yes, he truly did and does :D

    Lolamouse-Thank you so much! I think they will live on and we can read them to our grandchildren and laugh! :D

    Hannah-Hugs to you! Thank you! I know kids love how twisted our tongues get, lol ;D

    Sreeja-Thank you so much! :D

    Abin-Thank you so much! I had to try to go with colorful thoughts. Dr. Seuss gave us a lot of those, lol :D

    Kerry-You are so right! We will read them to our grandchildren and remember the laughter of years before! Thank you I did have fun~ :D

  24. This is just so much fun! Nice tribute poem, Ella!