Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wonder ??? Wednesday #2 Weird

For me this is more wonderful, than weird.  When I first drank tea in this cup and saw the Geisha looking back at me, it was kinda spooky!  I discovered this fine Bone China came from Japan, during WWII.  My Mother-in-law didn't care for the color or look of it and gave me 6 settings.  There was not a tea pot, to be found.  It was a set given to her by a great aunt. This china is from
the 1950's, it is called Hayasi Kutani.  You can also look it up by referencing Geisha Ghost.  The molded art is made, by very thin translucent porcelain also known as Lithophane.  This process can create a 3-D image.  YOU can see the image when light n' shadows are in play, when you tilt your cup of tea.   You can also set the cup in a sunny window and view it at different times during the day.  Sunlight alters the image and the Geisha Ghost will appear.

It is believed this process was first developed in China.  In the 1930's, the Japanese started producing Lithophane on sake 'n tea cups.   During WWII many sailors and soldiers were buying pieces to bring back home, during 1945-1952.  This art form stopped production. sometime in the 1950's.

Over at Poets United I provided this prompt-so many directions to go in tea, Geisha, ghost, WWII,  and our memories.   Tea memories started for me with my Nannie Nonnie, at the age of 10, she decided I need a lesson in tea.  I think it was more of an excuse to check to see if her  daughter in law was giving me the proper guidance, in my manners.  Anyway I made Mom proud,  pinkies up and no slurping.  lol

Journey of steeped memories
wake me
 echoes from my past
arrive in one sip
tiny leaves in a ball 
placed in black tea pot with a peony
graced her table
small servings of refreshment
a test of my skills
Clouded memories arrive and the mist
affects my eyes
like a sparrow's tongue
I'm am encouraged to taste
the bitter brew
Nannie's sweet dew
nectar of the mountains
Nature's offerings captured in a moment
one can travel the world
 in a cup of tea
cultivate your dreams
earth's notes swirl
memories plucked like ripe fruit
arrive all in the celebration
ceremony of
the character of full body or fruit
its boldness reminds me
of ghosts, from my past
they linger like musical notes
play a faded tune
I do not see the Geisha
I see my
reminding me
to be a lady
to be the best me
all instilled
in a cup of

 I took this photo with a hint of tea.  I wanted you to see the Geisha, the ghost!  



  1. I did want to mention, my grandmother was very pale, had black hair and wore red lipstick. She wasn't Asian, but her appearance sure had those qualities. She was petite, too! No one ever found the hair dye. The woman didn't have a lot of gray hair~ A mystery my Mom n' aunt still talk about today! lol

  2. Love this beautiful poem...and love that your grandmother's memory was in there with her words echoing in your ears. And her description does sound Asian.

    I love tea and have a lovely, small collection of tea pots.

  3. Bodhirose-Me, too! I would love to have a few more~ I love tea and all the sentiment that goes with it~ So glad you joined in and shared your gorgeous view and tea set! Stunning~ :D

  4. Ah yes, the Geisha does indeed resemble a grandmother who reminds one to be the best person possible. Everyone needs such a geisha /grandmother, I think. It is not a bad thing to have someone who will always encourage us to do our best!

  5. Thanks Mary, I agree! She just wanted to see if I could hold my own and make the family proud~ :D
    I think she had more Italian in her than Asian, but I'm not for sure~

  6. Lovely poem two things I really like "One can travel the world in a cup of tea" so true and " I do not see the Geisha I see my Grandmother" objects trigger memories of loved ones sometimes all you can do is just smile...Thanks for sharing

  7. I LOVE this poem! One of your best - love "you can travel the world in a cup of tea"......."earth's notes swirl" it that it is your grandma you see in the bottom of the cup, reminding you to be the best you can be. Which you do, kiddo - every single day!

  8. That was an astounding image in the poem. I remember my mom too, she loved Japanese dolls and anything Japanese.

  9. Wonderful poem ... a lovely read. Thank you for this gem.

  10. Kristjaan-Thank you for stopping by :D So nice of you~

    Amidemanila-Tea does take us there! It is like a dance of memories swirling in our cup~ I love that you shared this about your Mom! How beautiful~ :D

    Sherry-You are too kind! I guess I need to drink out of that cup, more often, lol. Thank you so much~ I wonder if she ever saw a cup like this?! I didn't receive mine till I had children. I somehow don't think so, she would of shared it with me~ She loooved tea! :D

    Tatius-Thank you! Yes, it is amazing what triggers our memories to surface! Mine are steeped in tea~

  11. what a lovely ode to your grandmother! i hope my grandchildren remember such times we've had together. thank you for sharing your family history and the lovely tea cups and plates with us. ♥

  12. Cool, great imagery and I love the line about the sparrows tongue, so visual.

  13. Wow. There were some really great lines in there. Awesome visuals. Very cool post. Thanks for sharing it!

  14. Tamara-Thank you, so much! :D

    Rch-Thank you! I thought that would draw attention! Thank you for saying you liked it~

    Dani-You are sweet! I bet you are a wonderful grammie! :D <3