Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Words Count

Over in the garden, Mama Zen challenged us with a prompt!  Mama Zen asked us to write about conflict, in our poem.  The big challenge must be in 30 words or under...yikes!!!  Now, that is a conflict, lol     I mean challenge ;D

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Snapdragon thoughts 
scatter like gold dust
Rose colored glasses
Lime green lizards slither
their briny tongues
Sulfur Mums
bleeding into my
Blue Iris 

Over at Poets United ,I provided a SARK challenge for Wonder??? Wednesday...

Deep Amethyst in a Calamine sunset looks
for the hidden mirage
First Blush 
hidden Coral Blossom 
opening it's spirit
in a mystic, translucent glow
Yellow Duchess starts to move
like a Bumble Bee finding
a Pale moonlight Daffodil
Remote Green Sea Nymph 
waiting for the ephemeral bloom
to marry the
 Bonnie Blue sea
Nymph releases her gift
an amulet of
 Rose Quartz hope

I wanted to do a colorful poem for SARK~  I have an addiction-to paint chips! I decided to use some of their names in my poem~



  1. Ha, Ella, I wonder what I would see if I had 'rose-colored' glasses. I do love your use of color in this post.

    I love your 'SARK' poem too. So many beautiful colors...

  2. were really color creative with these. I love paint chips too. I gather tons of them and then have to set them free because I can't keep all of them. :)

  3. Oh colour, [or even color]
    in name and in pixels
    in light strength
    always the delight you show us here.
    Thanks for that prompt, it was lovely to do.

  4. I love all the color in these--as well as the paint chips. I love colors and so enjoyed seeing you use so many.

  5. I just read the first, which I loved--including the colorful imagery. The actual highlighting hurts my eyes.

  6. Susan-Sorry, about that! I guess sunglasses are needed~ Thank you :D

    Peggy-Thank you! I love the look of them and the names :D

    Aprille-Thanks for making me smile :D

    Susie-I use mine to make gift tags! The green ones are great for Christmas trees and the red ones candy cute! :D Birthday ones just write on them, or punch out stars~

    Audrey-Thank you so much :D

    Mary-I know I wish my Rose colored glasses didn't get broken~ I guess I need a new pair, :D Thank you~

  7. I LOVE the "blue iris dreams". I adore irises. I must grow a whack of them next year. And I NEED an "amulet of Rose Quartz Hope." Tell me where to find one:)

  8. Wow both poems are wonderful and the different colored highlights really add that visual element which makes internet poetry special.

  9. I also enjoy using color and images as inspiration for poetry ... you did this so beautifully!

  10. How beautiful! I love all of the colors!

  11. Nice colors! And names of colors! Cool. k.

  12. Great poems!! I love the natural feeling and the stand out line for me is this:

    "bleeding into my
    Blue Iris

    Love your words, Ella!!

  13. I loved the way you used colors in the poems ... well written !!!

  14. The colours add a great visual impact to each piece.

  15. love how you used color in both poems. I'll have to stop by the hardware store to get some paint chips for inspiration! I never would have thought of that before!

  16. What a colorful poem for SARK you've written, a wonderful poem to read also. I wonder ... inspiration grows ... change of times?

  17. Love the use of color in your poem. It's very natural and beautiful :)

  18. What a wonderful way of visually and conceptually integrating color into your poems! “ Bleeding into my blue iris dreams” seemed like a portal to another world.

    Iris are a favorite flower for me. And I love paint chips too. I use them as book marks—the colors make me happy.

  19. LOVE both your poems, Ella! appreciate your introduction to SARK and your prompt ~ not sure i got it right, though.


  20. "bleeding into my blue iris dreams" - zing conflict. i like that cool. aloha.

  21. Thank you Rick! Yes, that was the zing ;D
    Aloha to you~

    Rosemary-:D Thank you!

    Christine-Thank you! :D

    Dani-I love SARK, so happy you embraced the challenge! YOU got it :D
    Hugs to you~

    Gabrielle-I so agree, with you! Color does elevate our mood :D
    Thank you for sharing~ Irises are gorgeous! My Mom grew some amazing blue ones :D Thank you~

    Laura-Thank you! I hope I didn't over do it~

    Kristjaan-Thank you! Inspiration grows when we look at things a bit differently :D

    Robyn-Ought oh, what have I done, lol! YOU will have fine~ :D
    Thank you~

    Kerry-Thank you :D

    Green Speck-Thank you! I love the color green :D

    Hannah-Thank you so much! I still am working on your conifer poem...something is missing~ <3 1111

    Manicdaily-Thank you! Color does make us imagine our own memories, don't you think?!

    Mama Zen-Thank you! It was fun to do~

    Helen-Thank you so much :D

    Rch-Thank you! I thought with SARK I just had to go in that direction~ Yes, I agree with you internet poetry is unique~Thank you!

    Sherry-If I find one of those amulets I will grab you one :D lol
    I wish... Yes, grow some gorgeous Irises! :D Thank you~

  22. The colors in your poems rise up and mingle.