Thursday, October 18, 2012

Izy's Prompt

Over in the Garden, Izy prompted us to write a poem with the mechanics of farming. I tried to do some research, but finally ended up watching a You tube video.  This was truly a brilliant challenge. So here is my contribution to Izy's prompt!

 *  Copyrighted, Isadora Gruye Photography.

                                              A whirr of wings among the fields of gold
                                             Blackbirds caw and announce the Queen's arrival
                                                       tree toads sing in the background
                                                              Ruby Queen sits high on her throne
                                                                       let the games begin
                                                                                 Steel grinds like a stripper
                                                                                          turning the deck's
                                                                                            plated blades as the bullet rotor roars
                                                                                                a war of steel battles darkness and
                                                                                                        allusive Ruby Queen
                                                                                                        marauders arrive in
                                                                                                        a whirr of wings
                                                                                                       swooping down
                                                                                                        to find treasured gold
                                                                                              Star wars type equipment sweeps
                                                                                         making a dent in the mature flesh
                                                                                  mold and vermin enemies in this war
                                                                            boys with big toys battle Mother Nature's fury
                                                                          and hope to win this round
                                                                        in time for the summer's eve movie   
                   and some matinee gold~   
© Ellen Wilson     


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL. I love the way it is set on the page and LOVE "in time for the summer's eve movie and some matinee gold". Wow. Great writing.

  2. Oh, super, Ella. Boys with big toys, indeed!

  3. Like the way you have turned this into a jousting session, a battle of the Titans with sintered metal on the one hand and Nature's obstinacy on the other.
    Fab visual presentation as well.

  4. Your form is so interesting, and adds a sense of movement to your poem, Ellen.

  5. LOVE your opening!!

    "A whirr of wings among the fields of gold
    Blackbirds caw and announce the Queen's arrival"

    Especially the detail of the them...can almost hear them...very visual piece...nicely done, Ella!! TT ♥

  6. boys with big toys. ha. The shape resembles a bird in flight as well! Nicely done.