Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sunday Mini Challenge

Over in the Garden, Kerry prompted us with a  Melancholia type poem.  It relies on a syllable count and rhyme scheme. 

For example:

Silently without my window,  (a)   8 syllables
Tapping gently at the pane,  (b)   7 syllables 
Falls the rain.  (b)   3 syllables
Through the trees sighs the breeze (Internal rhyme c / c) 6 syllables
Like a soul in pain.  (b)   5 syllables
Here alone I sit and weep;  (d)   7 syllables
Thought hath banished sleep.  (d)   5 syllables

This form was developed by Paul Laurence Dunbar.

© Isadora Gruye

Izy I love this photo!   So fits the mood of the season :D

Mournful cries echo in the damp chill 
silhouette outlines dark mood  
I can't speak
burning imprint, I squint  
shoulder squeeze, I gasp
gray ghost materializes
horrified I run 

eye wide awake I feel dead
a freezing chill in my bones
madness wears
 a gray face, in its place
thick black clouds hang low
A murder here, not long ago
faint whispers took my life 

(Mrs. White did it, in the dining room with a knife)
She killed Mr. Body and Prof. Plum and left
Miss Scarlett bleeding in the Library
She had been reading "Gone With The Wind"
Colonial Mustard never had a chance,
off of the Kitchen he was hung out to dry.
Mr. Green was attacked by the Venus Fly Trap,
 in the Conservatory!
Mrs. Peacock left the roost, crazy as a cuckoo
and was never heard from again. 


  1. Wow, looks like we both got into the hallowe'en mood today. I love Izy's photo too........I love "madness wears a gray face"........but especially enjoyed the final - tale? stanza? explanation? Very imaginative! Did you write the Melancholia form above? It is very good. I especially liked the two closing lines. Good work, Ellie!

  2. I didn't write the example, but I did write 2 poems and tied them together~ I thought it fun to add the CLUE game aspect at the end, lol
    Thank Sherry...I'll come visit you~ Storming bad here, now. Raining really hard and the wind is gusting....hope we can keep the power!

    1. Oh, I hope it passes quickly and with little damage, Ella...stay safe. ♥

  3. Ha!! I love the "Clue," ending, Ella!!

    Spooky indeed...I enjoy your inner rhyme lines!! Great work S.S.!!

  4. Your verse fits the image so well - I could believe a murder too place in that house... Then I had a good chuckle at your codicil. Cluedo was a game my kids loved to play.

  5. Spookily scary = ) Ella... especially:

    madness wears
    a gray face,

  6. Just as I prepared
    to be really scared
    you made it a game
    and left out my name

    Relief and laughter!

  7. The Clue piece at the end just cracked me up! Marvelous writing, Ella.

  8. Ella, I am still cracking up over "Colonial Mustard" but I loved your first two stanzas, written so well to the prompt, which I couldn't seem to handle.

  9. I'm not very knowledgeable about poetry, so I appreciate the lesson and example of the form. Your poems are sad - and perfect for the melancholy prompt and that awesomely creepy photo.
    Have a Happy Halloween! :-)

  10. Wow! Great use of the form - you owned it there. And I just love the Clue wrap up at the end.

  11. Like your whole "over achiever" effort here, but laughed out loud at the "clue" poem.

  12. ooh, I like that first one from Dunbar! Nice rhymes in that one.

  13. Thank you everyone :D

    Yes, Dunbar knew his stuff!