Sunday, October 6, 2013

dVerse in the Pumpkin Patch

Brian at dVerse conjured up a challenge that is near n' dear. 

 "I want you to think about something you are passionate about—world peace, gun control, child hunger, slavery, politics, homelessness….you get the picture. Now write about them through the lens of a pumpkin."

My poem is near to my heart.  I also thought it fun to add in a favorite childhood memory. 

Dear Hubby,

Our anniversary is coming up
I'll be home in time
must finish Charles' legacy   
The golden glimmer of the melting sun will
cascade over our favorite spot on Earth
we can celebrate
my sweet Dreamsicle
It will be a harvest moon again
just like that night long ago
You warmed my heart  in college
my sweet Babboo

you proposed at Disney
I had one too many at the Aladdin Festival
Lucy said you cantaloupe
we waited for next Halloween to wed

Now your work with Rachel Ray
part of Yum-o!
brilliant flame of mine
I love it when you call me Buttercup
our kids Big Max, Jack
Estrella n' Mandy are coming
we can see our new baby bear

Remember trick or treating for Unicef
in our tweens
you were so proud of me
Good grief my Sweet Dumpling
time flew like Sweet Lightening
A carnival in our honor
we will dance the Cha cha
as the Orange Magic rises
its our fairy tale

All my love,


  1. ha. my dreamsicle...and love the links in this to the causes that are near and dear to you as well...a fairy tale indeed to give so much to all those in need....

    let me know where that sportsplex is...the one in salem is less than an hour away from me...

    1. Hi Brian-I loooove Halloween-this holiday and the causes are the near n' dear. I still might write another one-great challenge!

      I think it is the one in Virginia Beach...calendar on the fridge doesn't say if it is this weekend or next. All I see is Contest TBA-I will let you know :D

  2. nice...some cool references he really proposed in the cinderella carriage...way cool..smiles... and happy anniversary..

    1. Oh, it isn't my anniversary and I gauged the age of the characters and when the comic started. I'm a lot younger and I love Halloween. The holiday is near and dear to my heart and the causes. I am short enough to still go trick or treating, if my kids dare me.
      Thank you!

  3. Ella, I love this poem filled with nostalgia. I did find it a romantic gesture that he proposed in Cinderella's cool is that! I too wish you a happy anniversary.

    1. Hi Mary-it isn't my anniversary, but I had fun writing about Linus n' Sally with reflections of the cartoon, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I love Halloween and the causes I mention are near n' dear. What a dream to be asked to be married in Cinderella's pumpkin coach. I had fun playing off the pumpkin patch with The Peanuts gang, as my muse. Thank you~

    2. I'm closer to the 25 year married mark than the 50 one.

  4. How absolutely delightful to read ~ I love it, so romantic ~ And that cartoon, its one of my all time favs, sighs ~ happy sunday ~

    1. Thank you Grace!
      I know I have to watch it, now ;D
      I hope you had a wonderful weekend~

  5. Very cool a letter with links and love. Well done!

    1. Thank you Mystic Mom :D
      I had fun with this one

  6. Haha to funny Ella - great minds think alike

    1. I know Sam! How crazy fun is this...I so agree! ;D

  7. A proposal in Cinderella's carriage? I never got that - but I got a LOT of cinders and scrubbing, hee hee. Happy anniversary, kiddo.

    1. Yes, I got a lot of cinders and scrubbing too. My prince drove a white jeep-not a white horse-lol! You are fun Sherry~

  8. What a delightful poem.. and how you linked to causes and pumpkin - sorts. Gourdeous :-)

    1. I love your play on words ;D
      Thank you Bjorn!

  9. This is so clever, with the links to the varieties on that amazing page.
    Always something different and original from you.
    BTW, how did you manage to get the link to go to that particular spot on the page that you were referring to???
    I can do that from and too my own pages, but not to somebody else's.
    BTW2: I'm sending you an email today with a query check your mail please later today.
    Loved this quirky take on the Saturday prompt.

    1. Thank you Aprille!
      It must be luck because when I tried to link it did just that!
      I had fun writing it :D

  10. ooh, a pumpkin full of love seeds :)

  11. So cool the links and the rhymes - "Lucy said you cantaloupe
    we waited for next Halloween to wed" The pumpkin patch is lovely and so October!