Saturday, December 7, 2013

Artistic Interpretations with Margaret - "The Collector" through the lens of Jennifer MacNeill

Over in the Garden, Margaret shared with us the talented Jennifer MacNeill.   Her Collector's series of photos inspired our poems.  I have written before about the lives of objects.  I love this challenge~
Thank you Margaret and Jennifer!!

Jennifer MacNeill gave us permission to use the images in "The Collector" series for today's challenge.  YOU can see more of her photos at
 her website HERE and flicker page HERE to your poetry post.

She is very talented! 

Buried at Sea

Smitten by thread
My parents played Button, Button
 born in a  basket
near blades of crane 
stories of collared wonder, suits and ball gowns
made my mirrored stars glisten
Crimson lips saved me
stitched to white velvet 
I roamed...
I saw his gorgeous brass eyes
in a sea of indigo wool
my mistress pressed me flat
was he a shank or stud
 buried in his sleeve
dizzy pressed against
 two bright smiles
we fell in love
once closed
now looped
knotted together
dancing, having tea
duty called him 
into battle
my stud lost at sea
I was tucked away
restitched on children's pocket
later tickle pink gown
covered with chocolate 
resorted to a joyful bubble
of bad manners
I miss
mahogany walls, tea with cream
and the scent of him
the sea
my new mistress grew
one day ripping her bodice 
near the shore
I tumbled 
into navy abyss
I blew tiny bubbles
searching for 
my brass stud.

© Ellen Wilson


  1. whew....what a progression in this...from the innocence of button button to the man lost at sea and the woman left to deal with it there on the shore...your cascade falls quick ella

  2. An amazing story of a button's life. How completely cool. I remember playing with my Grandma's button box of an afternoon....we didnt have many toys, Back in the Day!

  3. This is very cleverly written, Ella!! My mother used to have a button box too.

  4. Wow! The life of a button in it's glory and it! I used to sit for hours looking through my mother's button box..

  5. Buttons come to life .. I believe a filmmaker would have fun with the concept! Very nice.

  6. I love how you told a story Ella ~ Creative perspective from the button's travels ~

    Happy Sunday ~

  7. I love this love story among the buttons! Great use of detail, Ella, to 'flesh out' as it were, you characters, and lots of luscious descriptions that make it a joy to read. A very creative and original approach to the challenge, and a cool choice of picture to work with so eloquently.

    1. Thank you Hedge-I enjoyed the challenge-nice to flesh out the voice.

  8. Oh, I love this, too, Ella. Sorry I'm so late coming to it, but it was a busy weekend. So glad I got here, though, because your button love story is great.
    Luv, K

    1. You are sweet-thank u so much! Now I am late....

  9. Buttons - so much life in them untold… I was amazed at the detailed buttons I once saw in an antique store - to this day I regret not buying a few of them. Some had to be at least 100 years old. Story poems are my favorite and I'm glad you took this route with this one! Nicely done, Ella.

    1. Oh Magaret have you looked on Etsy. I loved margining what your buttons may have looked like. Thank you so much

  10. How clever to write from the POV of the button itself.

    1. Yes about time the button had a voice! Thank you

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    1. Thank you so much! I love your name