Saturday, December 21, 2013

Calling All Angels

Fireblossom asked us to write about an angel.   She told us not to write about the traditional Christmas angel- mine is kinda winter related, but where I grew up I saw and made many of these even in March and sometimes in April.  New England is famous for an April Fool winter storm.

My second poem is based on some art-I recently made and submitted. I call it mail art.   I thought of the era where letters felt heaven sent, from loved ones during the war.  I remember my husband telling me how much my letters meant to him in boot camp, years ago.   I called my art eXtra Angels.   So, here are two poems.  Thank you to the Postal Service and all of its workers for allowing us to receive many cherished memories-gifts year round!


Arrival flung far n' wide
like white glittered pearls
Moon fish dances in daydream's ripples
once blanket of green held whispers
now blanket
 canvas of white
 angel tells me
go child
spread your wings
like a butterfly
mysteries for poets
who see worlds in aquamarine
memories n' silver rivers
caressed by wind's breath
and imagination's tightrope
it dangles inviting you
each day
©Ellen Wilson


eXtra Angel

Ink memories
waltz in mind's music box
singing yellow canary paints
portrait on each page of
day's walk
near our green umbrella
beloved angel gathering berries
in golden bowl
whispers of our strings
like dappling sunshine on the coldest day
your font, your perfume
three words smudged end
edge's daydream
mind's spiral dance transfixed
portal's page opens
our treasured history
 our gray gardens
 fern near our Tree of Heaven
planting our reunion
I'll wear my brown suit
you'll wear the sky.
©Ellen Wilson


  1. Love 'planting our reunion' in the second poem .. and 'angel tells me go child spread your wings' in the first. Notes made the poetry even more meaningful. Happy Holidays Ella, mend your back.

    1. Thank you Helen! Yes, we all need to release our inner child ;D
      Happy Holidays to you~
      Thank you

  2. Wow, Wow, Wow--one for each poem and another for the two together, vivid in images. I'll wear brown bark, you'll wear the sky, and make us see each reunion longer lasting than snow angels could ever be (but they are so much fun).

    1. Hi Susan, thank you! I suggested the brown bark..happy you like it!
      Happy Holidays to you

  3. I'll wear my brown suit
    You'll wear the sky..

    Whoosh! What an amazing ending. Both poems are magical, Ella.

    1. I love your whoosh-you made me smile big and laugh! Thank you Kerry!
      Happy Holidays to you!
      I know you would love a gown like the sky~ ;D

  4. I too love the lines that Kerry quoted above ~ My hubby treasured our letters too ~

    I also enjoyed the snow angels, both pictures & words ~

    Merry Christmas Ella to you and your family ~

    1. Oh, Grace so you know this world, as well! Yes, letters are portals and offer us so much hope~
      Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  5. Beautiful poems, Ella. Love the ending of your second poem especially. I love the idea of 'wearing the sky.'

    1. Hi Mary! Thank too...I can see the gown now ;D
      You are kind...Happy Holidays to you

  6. I was breezing along enjoying both offerings and then those closing lines "I'll wear my brown suit, you'll wear the sky" just knocked me over. Fantastic!

    1. tee,hee...yes, it was a surprise ending! Thank you so much Sherry!
      Happy Holidays to you

  7. lovely, so very lovely! I love snow angels above all others!

    ditto on all the wonderful remarks! You rock!

    1. I hope we both get to make one this year! ;D
      Thank you so much...I'll be by soon!

      Happy Holidays to you n' yours

  8. sounds like your first angel is rather wise....smiles...go spread those wings indeed...smiles. the second one is def my fav...esp that close...

    1. Yes, we all need to remember that inner child-smiles! Thank you so much! Happy Holidays to you n' yours

  9. This mail lady thanks you for the shout out to all of us in postal blue!

    1. Thank you postal blue poet with gypsy wings!
      Happy Holidays to you

  10. Two wings of the angel, one gossamer as snow, the other fragrant as a perfume left on a piece of clothing; both delicate and delightful.

    1. Thank you Blueoran!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

      I'll be by....