Monday, April 22, 2013

Over in the Garden

Happy Earth Day Toads, butterflies and Hummingbirds!  Yes, you too Mr. and Ms. Robin!
 (I decided to finish my poem using Kerry's prompt).

Kerry shared with us an  amazing storybook illustrator,  Virginia Francis Sterrett. She was an American artist and illustrator.  She died at the tender age of 30, from Tuberculosis.
Her art is amazing-she painted dreams.  

 Old French Tales (Penn Publishing Company) is one of her best-known illustrative works.  You can view some of her work:  HERE.

 Virginia Francis Sterrett
"Europa and the Bull"

 For this prompt, choose an illustration and write a story poem based on it.

I am using this one "Europa and the Bull"  I didn't read the story, but have one of my own.

Washed Wings

Is this the only way to field of wishes?

Yes, the field grows where the sun casts pink shadowed wings 

 I crave grass, buttery blooms and the opening of  day's ease.

Are you blinded by your dream?

Hold tight and cast your net of doubt, let the purple calm cascade
blackbirds follow us for a reason

Look for the sea's heart-sailors know its strength
Lapis blue surrounded by evergreen
 True North is where you find you....
Look among the blue...

© Ellen Wilson


  1. Blackbirds follow us for a reason..

    Oh, I love that line, and I'm thrilled you made up a story of your own.

  2. I have blackbirds on my other blog ;D I wanted to remind people to continue on one's destined path, using their gifts~ Thank you Kerry!
    (I am Taurus-the bull) We do not charge unless provoked ;D We like and long for peace n' beauty~

    For those curious about blackbirds ;D

  4. Nice one Ella. I like this picture too. So many good word images here.

    1. Hi Peggy!
      I enjoyed yours-growing is a tough gig ;D
      Thank you

  5. I too love that line "blackbirds follow us for a reason." A beautiful piece...

    1. Hi Susie
      ;D Thank you!
      I wanted to impart some symbolism~

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you McGuffy Ann!
      :D so much

  7. "Hold tight and cast your net of doubt, let the purple calm cascade
    blackbirds follow us for a reason" oh Ella! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    1. Thank you, thank you so much! ;D
      Toss that darn net, lol

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Ayala
      I had fun writing this one!

  9. A beautiful poem,,,tender and hopeful,,,

  10. Hold tight and cast your net of doubt,

    that is a clever line - for what we cast is often much more than we ever know.

  11. This is very very beautiful. Wistful and poignant and really lovely. I especially love - and believe - "True North is where you find you".

  12. I fell in love with Virginia Sterrett's work, completely. Love your choice of illustration, and Sherry just put in my favorite line: "True north is where you find you." This should be our mantra. For when the direction is true, there you will find authenticity. Peace, Ella, Amy

  13. "the field grows where the sun casts pink shadowed wings" is so beautiful, Ella. And "Look for the sea's heart—sailors know its strength" is so true.
    A lovely write.

  14. I love the underlying hope in this poem. Subtle and enchanting!

    -Bethany Michaels
    Marketing Copywriter
    Stampington and Company

    1. Thank you so much! This was what I was hoping for :D
      We all need to remember hope~